July 28, 2021

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Remember Who You Are

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It is not that men have become weak or soft, it is that we have done away with rights of passage and mentoring them through adolescence, they simply don’t know what it means to be a man. Then through the throws of life, bills, debts, society in chaos, everywhere we look we see struggle and war; a generation of men who went to war as kids with absentee fathers abusive families and team leaders our only examples. Through the years of seemingly endless war, have become too burned out and weighed down to put effort into others barely holding ourselves together.

Remember that you are Men! You are capable of greatness and wonder. The foundation of a man begins with sacrificial love, kindness, humility and self control.

Those that desire power and control have divided us through erasing our equality as sovereign human beings, and filled it with pseudo identities forced upon us to align with further separating ourselves from our own kind. If only all could see how much we could accomplish together in love and unity as Americans and human beings.

Tricked into relinquishing our own individual right of self governance, surrendered to those who have made us feel incapable of being truly free, that we must sacrifice our own freedoms for even the smallest perception of security.

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