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During 2006 I was attending Saint Leo University at Savannah Center in Georgia. I had this biology teacher who was the worst of the worst; he felt his mission was to educate us on how bad President Bush was. After an hour of this clown running his gums about President Bush I stood up and asked: “I thought this was a biology class. I am glad you hate the President and I am grateful to live in a country that allows you to criticize him, but I came here to learn biology, so either teach us biology or I am out of here.”

So I wrote this poem for him:


“Colligate Cowards”

By D.K. Devaney


College Professors like to push their political views,

it upsets me very much; I’d like to give them a bruise,

they like to manipulate their young classes,

they think they are smart, but they are really asses.


What does politics have to do with science, computers or math?

after they spew their rhetoric, I need a bath,

I came here to learn and you are disrupting my life,

you speak of as if you are an expert, but you are causing me strife.


You are an infection, you are a disease,

you should thank our warriors from your knees,

your verbal garbage may work on a child,

how dare you criticize me, I am keeping this mild.


Some Professors think everything is a conspiracy,

spend a day in my uniform on the battlefield, then you will see.

the government is evil and always bad,

give me another grant so I can research something sad.


They hate the military and they hate the police,

Think of the sacrifice they make, to say the least,

why don’t you pick up a gun,

that wouldn’t be what you fake patriots call fun.


They criticize the decisions made by President Bush,

what should he have done when buttons were pushed?

I hope the next attack is directed towards you,

now stand there and tell me what you would do!


“The American public is slow to learn, but not stupid. The cowards in the Universities and the news Media will infect the public with hopelessness and panic. You must give the Americans many casualties to unsettle their determination. Our people will suffer greatly, but we will hide the loses and the enemy must never discover how close he is to victory even now.”


1967 General Giap, V. C. Commander


If you are reading this, thank a teacher;

If you are reading this in English, thank a warrior.




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