Pitbull Tactical: Universal Mag Carrier

By: David Holzinger

5 years ago while searching for a good minimalist holster for a light carrying holster for a Glock19 with a TLR1, I found Pitbull Tactical out of Orlando, Florida .  They were making a holster that worked both outside the waistband and inside the waistband that looked like what I needed.  I signed up for their email notifications about new products.

In January I received an email from them.  They had a new product on the way and were offering it up at a great price, $9.99 (current retail price $19.99).  They had a Universal Mag Carrier that advertised not only being able to hold a single stack and double stack magazines but, advertised that it would work both outside and inside the waistband as well.  So, like anyone else who sees a great deal I ordered two of them!  The only down side was that delivery was to be months away.

I waited until early June to receive my Universal Mag Carriers in the mail.  Each was individually packaged in a nicely done box that can be displayed on a retailers shelf or hung on a rack.  My first impressions after taking them out were that they was well made.  Almost like it was so simple that I was surprised that it wasn’t thought of before.  The Universal Mag Carrier is  made of two halves that are connected together by band that stretches to allow for the different sizes of magazines that are placed inside. Retention is made by the compression of the band that holds the two shells together.  Inside, there are two metal pieces that flex and allow magazines to fit snugly inside and not wiggle around and make noise.  Smartly done, Pitbull Tactical!

I have used my Universal Mag Carrier daily and I really like it.  I have recently returned to work on light duty taking station complaints.  I go to work carrying a Sig P320 and switch over to my issued Glock 22.  All I have to really worry about is changing over my pistol/holster.  Its an easy switch now between the two different sized magazines.  Before I would have to use two separate magazine carriers or having to use a tool to change the setting on the screw to modify the tension. Now its just take one out and slide the other right in.  The attachment clip fits on a 1 ½ in belt.  The attachment clip was easy to use for both outside the waistband and inside the waistband use.

I only had two issues with this magazine carrier.  Once as I placed my magazine into the carrier I somehow managed to get the metal inside strip stuck into my magazine right between the tip of the bullet and the magazine.  I was able to put it back where it belonged in the carrier afterwards.  I have not been able to reproduce the issue again after over a hundred draws and returns to the carrier. The second issue is that with single stack magazines do not pass a turn over and shake test.  A loaded magazine placed inside the magazine carrier and turned upside down will fall out when shaken.  Now, that may not be an issue to you.  I only bring it up as to some people it may be a concern.

I will still use this Universal Mag Carrier with both  my single stack magazines and double stack magazines with confidence that it will work and look nice while doing so.  Go check out the website and order yourself one or two.

Cost:                5/5

Comfort:          5/5

Durability:       3/5

Functionality: 3/5

Weight:            5/5

Total:              21/25

Overall Rating: Good/Excellent

The scale is defined as:

Poor/unacceptable: Worse than expected, or desirable; of a low or inferior standard or quality.

Fair:  In conformity with reasonable expectations, but in comparison to competitors it may be deficient.

Average: Common item; item neither lacks from or is superior than a competitors item.

Good:  The item is desirable and has qualities that excel in comparison to a competitors item.

Excellent:  Outstanding, possesses superior quality remarkably good.

Material Disclosure

I purchased the Universal Mag Carriers using my own funds.  I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review.  All the opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience while using the Universal Mag Carriers.

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By dwh747

Holzinger has been on the job since 1990. His primary assignment is the patrol division where he has served as a Field Training Officer. He began his SWAT duties in 2000. Since then he has served as an entry operator, ballistic shield operator and sniper. He is currently the Sniper Team Leader with the South Suburban Emergency Response Team (SSERT) a multi – jurisdictional SWAT that covers over 30 suburban towns on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. Holzinger is a firearms instructor, Taser instructor and armor for his department. He is certified as a Master Firearms Instructor through the University of Illinois, Police Training Institute. He has attended numerous firearms instructor courses to include: pistol, shotgun, semi auto rifle, SMG, police sniper instructor as well as various NRA Instructor courses.

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