Phokus Research Group is streamlining the bulky traditional individual first aid kit (IFAK) with a new edition of the Shield Trauma Kit. The Shield Trauma Kit comes with hemostatic gauze, SWAT-T secondary tourniquet, and medical tape, “developed for Hero’s who carry a gun but do not wear body armor.”

The newer, more content heavy version, Advanced Shield Trauma Kit, contains hemostatic gauze, SWAT-T secondary tourniquet, SWAT-T treatment band, improvised occlusive dressing (vinyl bladder), Frog Tape Strips x6, and nitrile gloves giving it a small step above the original Shield Trauma Kit.

  • Engineered to be lightweight, wearable and discreet, yet effectively treat trauma
  • Battle tested and may increase survivability rate
  • Machine pressure sealed in heavy-duty medical grade vinyl with Radio Frequency (RF) welded seams
  • Designed to last 24-30 months
  • Features a low profile, lightweight design that does not impede tactical movements such as crawling or maneuvering through small areas
  • Designed for quick deployment, even in tight quarters
  • Made of a clear heavy-duty medical-grade vinyl which allows operators to identify and retrieve supplies quickly as needed
  • 4.5” w x 6” h and weighs only a ½ lb. with a thinness of ½” to ¾”

Both of these kits provide the everyman with the essentials to render first aid. This everyday carry kit is an awesome compliment to a pistol, turning the carrier into a force multiplier.

First Impression

The first thing I noticed is how small and light the kit is. Phokus Research Group describes its size as “not much larger than a wallet, the Shield is small enough to be worn in a jacket pocket or duty belt” and the exact size is 4x6x1. They wanted this kit to be as small as possible with nothing but functionality and it shows! It is small enough to act as a secondary or complementing kit to a larger one yet can be useful enough by itself. It fits comfortably in my Crye Precision medical pouch and leaves plenty of room for additional tourniquets and dressing.

The second thing I noticed about this kit is the ruggedness of the packaging. It does an ample job of protecting the contents for trying environments but again is lightweight. It is described as having reduced stiffness and becomes malleable while in my kit, allowing more room. What is more, the outer layer acts as an occlusive dressing (more later).



As stated, the size is 4x6x1 and weights approximately 6.3 ounces. The outer protective layer is malleable and see through, allowing the user to set it up on their kit as they see fit. To open the packaging all the user has to do is pull a completely visible and well-sized tab and tear away. The tab is is big enough to present itself in stressful situations and users should have no problem gripping through the loophole provided.


The interior is where Phokus Research Group makes their money. Stated previously, they wasted no space on this kit and it shows. The protective outer, once the kit is opened, now acts as an improvised occlusive dressing.

Their website says Frog Tape Strips x2, but the kit actually comes with x6, 2×9 pieces of Frog Tape, or medical grade adhesive strips. The tourniquet is your run of the mill SWAT-T tourniquet with instructions on use.

Personally, if you have to read the instructions on a tourniquet while you are applying it, you have no business in the first place. QuikClot Combat Gauze measures 3 inches by 4 yards. Lastly, your standard nitrile gloves. They aren’t one size fits all, so individual experiences may vary. You may find yourself bypassing the gloves for efficiency.


This kit acts as a compliment rather than a complete kit but is great for everyday carry. Although the design is compact, lightweight, and described as ”for Hero’s who carry a gun but do not wear body armor” I wouldn’t suggest rolling outside the wire with it. It provides the bare minimums and basics when it comes to trauma, but does it in a fantastic way.

It’s an everyday carry item that transforms a gunfighter into an improvised medic. At a price of $99.99, I would suggest you are familiar with the inside contents before purchasing it or purchase two, one for training and one for actual use. After use, then invoice the casualty the $99.99 for using your Phokus Research Group Advanced Shield Trauma Kit!

Material Disclosure

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