The Petzl TACTIKKA +RGB is a lightweight, compact and powerful headlamp designed for activities requiring stealth such as hunting and fishing. Rugged for outdoor applications, the Tactikka +RGB is IP X4 water resistant to keep working in nasty weather.

With a very long burn time and great lighting versatility, Tactikka +RGB provides four different colors to work with—red, blue, white, and green to preserve night vision and ensure stealth. With a max power of 250 lumens of white light, the Tactikka can crank up the light when you need it for proximity lighting or focused lighting for movement.

Your night vision uses different receptor cells than day vision. They react to different wavelengths of light. With a choice of red, blue or green, you can tune the light to provide the perception you need while maintaining your eye’s night adaption.

In Afghanistan, my unit issued me a basic Petzl headlamp with the white and red LEDs. I spent most of the time with that light around my neck. It was light and handy. The Tactikka is far better.

There is only one control, a simple push button (on / off) which also selects modes. This makes the lamp easy to use, even with gloves. Once you select the color of light, it will come on in that color until you change modes. If you select white, the light comes on at the lowest level and another push to select a brighter setting.

Powered by three AAA/LR03 batteries (included with the lamp when you purchase it), the Tactikka’s battery case opens easily for quick and simple battery changes. TACTIKKA +RGB is a HYBRID headlamp that is also compatible with the CORE rechargeable battery.

A high-capacity lithium ion 1250 mAh rechargeable battery, the Petzl Core guarantees high-performance lighting for compact Petzl hybrid headlamps and recharges directly with an integrated USB port. The battery serves as an economical and sustainable main power supply or backup battery.

Petzl Lithium Ion batteries are guaranteed for one year or 300 charging cycles. After 300 charge cycles, they will still have about 70 % of their initial capacity. Lithium Ion batteries lose 10 % of their capacity per year, whether they are used or not, independent of the number of cycles.


  • TACTIKKA +RGB IS A HYBRID HEADLAMP: it comes with three standard batteries, and is also compatible with the CORE rechargeable battery.
  • MULTIPLE LIGHTING MODES: Several modes and lighting colors (white/red/green/blue) adapt to each situation.
  • LIGHTING VERSATILITY: proximity lighting or focused lighting for movement.
  • LONG BURN TIME: Can burn up to 260 hours.
  • COMFORTABLE ELASTIC HEADLAMP: Adjustable elastic headband with quick-opening buckle.
  • Simple to use single button with which to quickly and easily select the lighting mode


  • Light output: 250 lumens
  • Weight: 85 g
  • Beam pattern: mixed
  • Energy: Three AAA/LR03 batteries (included) or CORE rechargeable battery (available as accessory)
  • Battery compatibility: rechargeable Ni-MH
  • Watertightness: IP X4 (weather resistant)

Lighting performance

Lighting colorLighting modesBrightnessDistanceBurn time
whiteMAX LIFE5 lm10 m260 h
STANDARD100 lm45 m50 h
MAX POWER250 lm70 m
red/green/blueproximity2 lm5 m60 h
strobevisible at 700 m for 400 h

No matter what your mission, Petzl TACTIKKA +RGB is a rugged and reliable light for outdoor applications, With a very long burn time and great lighting versatility, Tactikka +RGB gives you exactly the light you need when you need it.

You can get your very own Petzl Tactikka + RGB HERE:
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By Mark Miller

Mark Miller is a Green Beret who served in Afghanistan and a number of other live fire locations. He's a poet-warrior in the classic sense, a casual hero and a student of science.

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