The term “warrior” has been as abused as the word “hero.” It has been applied to everything and everyone for the most pedestrian of accomplishments and actions. That’s deeply unfortunate because when we misuse words, especially powerful and important words, we reduce their value. No one can be a hero if everyone is a hero. So too with warriors. MMA fighters are not warriors, and neither are any members of the armed forces. Yeah, that one’s going to hurt some feelings, but the truth doesn’t care, and the truth is what we’re most concerned with. After all, truth is the most important element of our existence and it’s the center of the true warrior’s central operating system.

Warriors of old performed three primary functions. First, they protected the tribe from all external threats. Second, they were the arbiters of moral conduct within tribal society. This required that warriors be brutally ruthless when facing outward, and coldly calculating when facing inward. The dichotomy being that when facing outward, killing was usually the primary activity. This was moral so long as the killing was in defense of the tribe, to prevent murder, rape, and theft of one’s people and to protect resources, lands, etc. Far more difficult was acting as sheriff, judge, jailer, and executioner, enforcing blind justice and obedience to universal morality on a day to day basis. Third, they served as the aesthetic role model for all others to aspire to and model themselves upon. Thus, the warrior was the ultimate example of those virtues deemed to be most desirable.

What set the warrior apart was his adherence to the Way of the warrior, which includes The Way of Men. But while the Way of Men is the Way of the gang and is critical to the way of the warrior, the Way of the warrior transcends the gang. The Way of the Warrior is the Way of Universal Morality. In The Book of the Samurai, Yamamoto Tsunetomo wrote: “As long as it is realized and accepted that warriors must comprehend right and wrong, and strive to do right and avoid wrong, then the way of the warrior is alive.”

The way of the warrior requires that warriors know and understand natural law, of which, universal morality is a component. Natural law is the universal code of immutable laws that govern the universe. Natural law describes the function of, to quote Douglas Adams in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “Life, the universe, and Everything.” It is the basis for the ancient religions, for science, alchemy, and most of the secret societies throughout history. This body of information was once called philosophy before the Abrahamic religions hijacked it and suppressed it. Natural law has always been regarded as sacred because the truths found within, while simple, are so profound that nothing can stand against it. But to live in accordance with natural law requires unparalleled discipline and devotion. If you think of a monk, you’re thinking in the right direction. In fact, throughout history, the best warriors were monks of various religions and philosophies. Monks were often so powerful that no warrior could touch them. Miyamoto Musashi was close friends with a monk and one day they decided to test the efficacy of the swordsman versus Buddhism in a trial of mock combat. They circled for three hours before Musashi threw down his sword declaring that he could not find an opening to attack through. This is how powerful natural law can be. Powerful enough to defeat the greatest swordsman in history. And what of Buddhism? Buddhism is a semi-religious philosophy of life and living that directly embodies natural law. It is the fastest path to full personal understanding of natural law. Yes, one could eventually get there through the Abrahamic religions, but to do so would require an entire lifetime to parse away the allegory and as you do this, locked in a monastery, you would never accomplish anything. You would not live as humans were meant to live. And besides, the great sin of these religions is to hide the information you should know by heart by the time you’re ten years old. This is one of the ways that native tribes were so successful in all areas. They lived and taught natural law every day.

A man or woman is not a warrior and never can be if they do not understand and abide by natural law and universal morality. Armed with this knowledge, the warrior evaluates every single situation and makes a moral decision with every act or refusal to act. The warrior will act to preserve morality, and he will refuse to act immorally under all circumstances. Herein lies a principle embodied in the US military oath of enlistment, which states, “…that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.” This means the soldier must act in accordance with the US Constitution while supporting and defending it. One cannot support, defend and preserve morality by acting immorally.

It is this foundation of morality that defines the warrior and separates him from soldiers, police, and criminals. Without this body of knowledge, one cannot make moral decisions and take moral action. This is why our service members and police are not warriors at all. Despite the oaths and the rhetoric, none of them are supporting, defending, or preserving the Constitution. And why is the constitution so important? Because the US Constitution is based on natural law, universal morality, and tribal principles of governance to establish a form of government unique in world history. It establishes the supremacy of morality and places the burden not on elected or appointed officials that compose the organs of the state, but on the people themselves, so that a modern nation might enjoy the natural rights and liberty of a tribal society. It necessarily makes the Constitution and it’s adherence to natural law and morality the supreme law of the land, charging both the people and the government with supporting, defending and preserving natural law and morality above all else. To that end, all adult citizens are to be armed, trained, and highly active to this end. If this were to actually be done, we could say America is a nation of warriors and it would be true.

Chris Dutch Moyer, Retired SF/SMU

But the founders also knew that this was a personal choice. You cannot compel or coerce the people to be American warriors. This would be immoral. And so, the founders created a pure republic and the maintenance or destruction of that was left to the people, because as the Declaration of Independence states, “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”. This means that the role of government is to protect the natural rights of the people and that governments are established by the people, for the people. And that the government gets its power only from the consent of the people. But what they did not mention, as it was thought to be self-evident in that day, was that silence is consent. It’s why Americans were for so long considered to be rash and extreme, because they had no problem speaking their minds and fighting every day against tyranny at any level and relishing their liberty. These outspoken citizens were the sons of the republic for so long.

Today, our nation’s sons have gone quiet. They have no knowledge of natural law, universal morality, natural rights, or American civics. As such, they have no foundation to stand upon and no motivation to act. They have more in common with the cowards of Europe than their grandparents. They are ignorant cowards in every sense of those words, choosing to bury their heads in the sand and avoid confrontation because they have nothing to stand on, nothing to believe in, and nothing to fight for. They are willing sheep being led to slaughter without a sound. Occasionally some will utter something truly ignorant, false, and stupid that merely emboldens and empowers the enemies of the republic. If only America had not lost her sons of the republic so long ago.

What then must be done to preserve the republic? The first step is education. Those who insist on being the sons of the republic must be educated in all things related to natural law, universal morality, natural rights, American civics, military science, modern martial arts, and more. As they become more educated, they must train in military science and the modern martial arts to ensure they can act as required should the enemies of the republic force their hand. And once they have the basic education committed in their hearts and minds, they must speak and act aggressively. They must not let a single unconstitutional statement or action go unchallenged or unopposed. Lastly, they must organize to create an organizational structure that allows rapid, organized, coordinated action.

This is the way of the American warrior – highly educated, heavily armed, well regulated, always vigilant, always prepared, and always quick to act in support and defense of the US Constitution in order to preserve it and the natural rights and liberties of the people. Notice that it all begins with knowledge, philosophy and psychology. Without the proper preparation of the mind, it is all for naught.

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By Nate Morrison

Nate Morrison is a former USAF Pararescue team leader and US Army Special Operations Combat Medic. He is the founder of the Pararescue Combatives program and cofounder of the AFSOC Human Performance program. He was a military freefall, mountain warfare and special operations medical instructor. He is recognized world wide as the leading expert on military fitness training and combative human performance. He has vast experience in teaching a wide variety of special operations skill sets in the private sector to military, law enforcement and other government agencies. He is the founder of; specializing in full spectrum soldier and operator development to include human performance optimized equipment and TTPs. Visit his website at:

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