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In response to an extended shortage of the standard woodland-pattern camouflage combat utility uniform, the Marine Corps has implemented a temporary relaxation of its strict uniform standards. Marine unit leaders now have the authority to authorize their service members to wear alternative uniform items, which include the desert-colored camouflage combat utility uniform and flame-resistant organizational gear. This unique move, unprecedented in a service branch renowned for its stringent uniform regulations, is expected to persist until at least the summer or fall of 2024. Commandant Gen. Eric Smith has stressed the importance of Marines not wearing unserviceable uniforms and has confirmed that corrective measures are being implemented to address this situation. The primary manufacturer, American Apparel Inc, has encountered challenges in producing the uniforms at fixed prices amidst increasing inflation and wage demands. It’s worth noting that, until 2016, desert cammies were the standard summer attire before the Marine Corps transitioned to woodland cammies year-round, with some exceptions.

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