The handguns chosen by the Army have always become icons, the New Army, the Single Action Army, the 1911 and the Beretta are all classics. The SIG submission was a P320-based platform.  It was the only modular candidate and was selected after outstanding performance under intense review. With the M17, a new icon was born. You can now get your very own piece of this history.

I have fired several thousand rounds through the M17 and the 320-M17. They have great triggers and good sights. The contract specification for the M17 was shooting a four inch group at 35 yards. The civilian versions of the M17 are just as accurate and fun to shoot. I have used a variety of heavy and light bullets in full metal jacket and hollow points. The 320-M17 fed them all.

SIG M17 photo courtesy of SIG SAUER

The M17 Commemorative pistol shares the same components, coatings, and markings as the pistol that was awarded the U.S. Army contract for the modular handgun system (MHS). The M17-Commemorative is a 9mm, striker-fired pistol. It comes with a coyote-tan carry-length grip module, two 21-round magazines and one 17-round magazine.

The pistol features a coyote-tan PVD coated stainless steel slide with the same optic cut as specified by the MHS contract, coyote-tan colored controls just like the original pistols shipped to the 101st Airborne, and a manual safety. The M17 is equipped with a SIGLITE front night sight and removable Night Sight rear plate.

M17-Commemorative Edition of the U.S. Army’s M17 official service pistol. Photo courtesy of SIG SAUER

Only 5,000 M17-Commemorative Edition pistols have been produced. Each one carries the Army’s required unique identifier (UID). From the pistol to the same cardboard packaging as delivered to the U.S. Army, the M17-Commemorative Edition is identical to the U.S. Army’s official M17 service pistol.

Upon registration of the M17-Commemorative, the purchaser will receive an official certificate of authenticity and commemorative challenge coin, both with serial numbers matching the purchased M17-Commemorative pistol.

The M17-Commemorative Specs:

Total length: 8″

Barrel length: 4.7″

Weight (including 17rd magazine): 29.6 oz

Height: 5.5″

Width: 1.3″

Sight radius: 6.6″

MSRP M17-Commemorative Edition Pistol: $1,122.00

SIG 320-m17 photo by Mark Miller

If you are not one of the 5000 lucky winners, there is the P320-M17 which closely follows the specifications of the U.S. Army’s M17. The P320-M17 is a 9mm, striker-fired pistol and comes with two 17-round magazines. The pistol features a coyote-tan PVD coated stainless steel slide with the same optic cut as specified by the MHS contract, and black controls just like the pistols currently being shipped to the U.S. Army; it comes equipped with a SIGLITE front night sight and removable Night Sight rear plate. The P320-M17 features a coyote-tan carry-length grip module, available in three sizes, and comes standard with a manual safety. Non-manual safety P320-M17 pistols will be shipped at a later date.

320-M17 slide markings. Photo Mark Miller

The P320-M17 Specs:

Total length: 8″

Barrel length: 4.7″

Weight (incl. magazine): 29.6 oz.

Height: 5.5″

Width: 1.3″

Sight radius: 6.6″

MSRP: $768.00

SIG 320-m17 photo by Mark Miller

To complement these guns, an exclusive M17 Collector’s Case is available for purchase separately at  The case is a solid cherry box, with dark mahogany stain, a tempered glass top, a brushed nickel latch, and a keyhole back for optional wall-hanging.  The M17 Collector’s Case features a slate-grey flocked foam insert with an affixed U.S. Army logo, and precision laser placement cuts for the pistol,  certificate and Official Challenge Coin.

M17 Collector’s Case from Photo courtesy of SIG SAUER.

M17 Collectors Case MSRP: $199.99 (sold separately at

M17-Commerative                                                                                          320-M17

SLIDE MARKS“SIG SAUER M17” and “MFR:6ZWB1  PN:13067008”“SIG SAUER P320” and “M17”
SIGHTSSIGLITE front (green vial) w/ DP Pro 1-screw rear assembly (orange vials)SIGLITE front w/ DP Pro 2-screw rear assembly (all green vials)
BARRELNitron® finish, LCI cut with “6ZWB1” engravingNitron® finish w/ LCI cut
CONTROLSCoyote-Tan PVD finish on Trigger, Take down Lever, Extended SCL, Mag Catch, Sear Housing, Slide Cap, Extractor Pin, and Manual SafetiesAll finished in Nitron® black color
PACKAGINGAuthentic US Military packagingStandard SIG SAUER lockable plastic case
MAGS1EA 17rd mag & 2EA 21rd mags w/ Coyote-Tan Base pad2EA 17rd mags w/ Coyote-Tan Base pad
SERIAL NUMBERM17-0001 through M17-5000M17-050001 and up

Want am M17 of your very own? You don’t have to enlist, just visit your local Post Exchange or SIG dealer.

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