Ryan Clinkunbroomer had become engaged just four days before he was slain AP

A Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy tragically lost his life on Saturday night in what authorities are calling an “ambush.” Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer, 30, was found unconscious in his patrol car around 6 p.m., having sustained a gunshot wound. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Deputy Clinkunbroomer did not survive the attack.

Sheriff Robert Luna, addressing reporters during a late-night press conference, revealed that it appears the deputy was targeted solely because “he was in uniform.” The gunman remains unidentified, and the motive is under investigation. Luna emphasized that no theories have been ruled out yet.

According to law enforcement officials familiar with the case, a video clip capturing a car pulling up next to the patrol car before speeding away is currently a focus of the investigation. Detectives are exploring whether Deputy Clinkunbroomer was specifically targeted or if the assailant was seeking any individual in uniform driving a patrol car.

During the press conference, Sheriff Luna reached out to the public for assistance in identifying and apprehending the suspect, emphasizing the importance of community support in such cases.

Richard Pippin, president of the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, described Deputy Clinkunbroomer’s death as an “unprovoked execution” in a statement, and he pledged that law enforcement would relentlessly pursue justice.

Deputy Clinkunbroomer, a third-generation deputy, had been serving as a field training officer for the past year and a half, a role reserved for the department’s top officers. Sheriff Luna praised him as embodying the values of bravery, selflessness, and unwavering commitment to justice.

Tragically, Deputy Clinkunbroomer had just gotten engaged four days before his untimely death. He leaves behind not only his fiancée but also his parents and grandparents.

As Deputy Clinkunbroomer’s body was transported, a solemn procession formed, with deputies, county employees, and community members paying their respects. His body was draped in the American flag as he was moved from the hospital to a coroner’s vehicle, marking a somber moment of tribute and remembrance.

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