The guys at Lee Armory know AKs. They run a manufacturing operation and have all the jigs fitting and parts for building AK rifles. They also have a cadre of gunsmiths who know and love the Kalashnikov design in all of its variants. Most importantly, Lee Armory wants to help you build that perfect AK to your specifications.

If you live in an area with state restrictions, Lee Armory can talk you through your options for a legal build. Because they are close, California guns are a specialty. They will ship the rifle back to an FFL of your choosing for DROS. Rifle must be Featureless per California DOJ. They recommend a Strike Industries AK Fin Grip for California .

I have seen and shot AKs from all around the world. There are some amazing variants and enough models to give most shooters a dream gun. I am partial to full stock classic models because I feel they shoot better. I must admit, I am not immune to the charms of the triangle side folder, but the under folder is not the girl for me.

Like many people, I am fascinated with the simple and robust technology used in the AK. The design has many subtle features, not the least of which is the ability to fabricate the rifle under austere conditions for war time production.

Building an AK style rifle includes the hand crafted art of rivet smashing. Rivets are much easier to make than screws and provide an outlet for repressed aggression. Lee armorers will instruct each student on the technique.

Barrel head space and population can be very frustrating. Many parts kits arrive with parts still attached to demiled barrels. Removing and reinstalling these parts is never simple. Canted sights are the most irritating issue with most AK Style Rifles, Lee Armory will show you how to prevent this in your build.

Head spacing encompasses one of the most important tasks for the rifle to function safely. Most home builders don’t understand the risks of incorrect head spacing. The AK design is very forgiving, proper head apace is essential.

Lee Armory has the tools you need to do things safely and easily. They meet you at your level of expertise and offer technical advice and support. If you are not comfortable with performing all the tasks required to build your gun, or have a gun already that isn’t quite right, Lee Armory also provides complete gunsmithing services.

If you want to Cerakote that build (or anything else), Lee can hold the rifle and send it out to We Plead the Second for Certified Cerakote Application. Cerakote provides a solid durable coating which is far superior to almost every other coating on the firearms market. They’ve tested Cerakote to 1000 rounds of continuous full auto machine gun fire with almost no issues.

There are two options in the build class, depending on your needs.

Lee Armory offers classes from a box of parts to barreled depending on your time constraints. Classes are the third weekend of every month!

Here is what you get:

One day classes are condensed, but all topics are covered including instruction.

Course Outline: Day 1
8am – Introductions
9am – Introduction to Riveting
12pm – Lunch
1pm – Introduction to Riveting (cont)
5pm – Conclusion

Course Outline: Day 2
8am – Q/A
9am – Introduction to Barrel Populations
12pm – Lunch
1pm – Introduction to Barrel Populations (cont)
3pm – Introduction to Final Assembly
5pm – Conclusion, Test Fire.

Lee Armory’s AK Build Class held in WARM and Sunny Phoenix, Arizona!
AKM Parts Kits Are Available and you can schedule the 1 or 2 Day class depending on your needs. To sign up click HERE

2019 Class dates:


By Mark Miller

Mark Miller is a Green Beret who served in Afghanistan and a number of other live fire locations. He's a poet-warrior in the classic sense, a casual hero and a student of science.

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