Juggernaut began in 2000 as an industrial design firm composed of a handful of designers and engineers. Around 2010, as smartphones and tablets gained enough horsepower to run moving map applications developed by DARPA, the need for a sealed, connected case arose. That’s when Juggernaut.Case was born with it’s first product concept – a rugged enclosure with tactical radio connection for the Dell Streak PDA. The need for hands-free operation of the smart device within a Juggernaut.Case. led to the development of the PALS Armor mount, a chest mount that allows the user to rapidly fold the display down for use. As software applications for the battlefield, like ATAK, APASS and Nett Warrior have evolved, so has the Juggernaut.Case product ecosystem. With over 100,000 cases fielded downrange, they are the defense industry commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution for protecting, mounting and connecting devices.

If you are not familiar with this brand, here are a few photos that I took from MDM 2023 in D.C. today.



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