In this episode, I welcome Jason Swartz, to discuss the relevance of jiu-jitsu training for law enforcement officers. We delve into the limitations of traditional police defensive tactics and the importance of grappling techniques in controlling resisting individuals – safely. Jason is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and former Police Officer of 11 years. During his career he was assigned as a lead combative tactics instructor, firearms instructor and field training officer. He is the recipient of three life-saving awards and multiple department commendations and unit citations. He is also a former amateur boxer and certified USA boxing coach. He currently trains and teaches Jiu Jitsu full-time. We also address misconceptions about the effectiveness of strikes and emphasize the need for consistent training in fundamental techniques. Our conversation also touches on the behavior of individuals in high-stress situations, recent incidents of excessive force by police officers, the importance of training for children, and Jason’s company, Jiu-Jitsu Five-O. We conclude by discussing the role of jiu-jitsu in police officer education and the challenges of finding time for training. And to our listeners, remember to stay tuned for more inspiring conversations coming up on the Straight Talk Mind and Muscle podcast. You can find Jason at And on Insta at…

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