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Choices matter. In every aspect of our lives we make decisions constantly that affect how we live, feel and work. Some decisions require a greater thought process than others.

One of the most important decision I make constantly is what am I taking with me when I leave my house. It changes depending on what I am doing, where I am going and how long I will be gone. I think carefully about the tools I take with me whether it’s to the grocery store a mile away or a long drive across the country.

Part of my decision-making process centers on what I wear. I want clothing that is comfortable and functional. I want to be able to keep the tools on me I desire without looking like a walking tactical advertisement.

As a rule, I shy away from wearing things like cargo pants, “operator” hats, jackets with shoulder Velcro, and hiking shoes on a daily basis. Each of those items has a place and a purpose, but not in my every day clothing rotation.

When I find an item that crosses between the functional and the comfortable I usually pick it up. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to wear the Intrepid shirt from 5.11 and I have been impressed with it.

As previously noted one of my gripes with a lot of clothing from tactical companies is the “signature”; or the overt tactical appearance. The Intrepid shirt doesn’t have that problem. Nothing on the Intrepid screams “I have a gun.” In fact the only obvious give away is the small 5.11 tab on the front chest pocket. The tab is small and would require a very dialed in individual to recognize.

Notice the small 5.11 tab on the pocket

The shirt presents a comfortable shirt in a classic design. However, 5.11 used a dissolving yarn fabric construction, polyester with a mesh inside back yoke, and a moisture wicking finish to make the shirt light, comfortable, and capable.

The Intrepid shirt is capable of being worn just about anywhere. The plaid design is a smaller pattern that matches well with jeans or khakis. The Intrepid shirt can dressed up or down depending on venue and desire. The buttons are snap buttons but do not present a gimmicky appearance.

The shirt is durable due to the double needle topstitching throughout the shirt with 10-12 stitches per inch. The Intrepid features full seams on the sides and underarm to add strength and durability in the shirt.

The Intrepid shirt made a really good impression on me due its versatility. I am a huge fan of gear that works in multiple environments. The Intrepid shirt is the perfect example of a piece of clothing that can go almost anywhere. I say almost anywhere because the shirt isn’t designed for cold weather.

The Intrepid shines in warmer environments where its light weight polyester and mesh design keep it cool. It sheds moisture and perspiration easily. The material also does not hold odors like cotton does. This means on a hot day your shirt shouldn’t trap your manly musk.

I would feel comfortable wearing this shirt on any trail, range or day trip. I would also feel just as comfortable wearing it to church or out to dinner. Like I said earlier, the only place you wouldn’t want to wear the Intrepid shirt is in cold environments.

The Intrepid Shirt does not present an overt tactical appearance making it capable of blending in anywhere.

The Intrepid has some stretch built into the shirt. The materials make the shirt very capable of concealing any gear you might need. In fact, I was wearing a Glock 19 in an AIWB holster in each of these pictures. Even in the middle of crowded city streets no one paid any extra attention to me. The Intrepid shirt’s built-in stretch and fast snap buttons provide easy, quick access to gear.

The tag says the Intrepid shirt should be washed inside out, with cold water and mild detergent; and it says it should be tumbled dried on low heat. Since owning this shirt, I have completely disregarded those instructions and washed it in hot water, cold water and used fabric softener. I have dried the shirt on high heat and left the shirt sitting balled up in the dryer. None of this has affected the shirt in a negative way. The shirt does not wrinkle easily or hold wrinkles. I have not ironed this shirt as I haven’t had a need to.

So what are the negatives? First, I found the shirt to run large. I usually buy XL cotton shirts. With the Intrepid I was able to size down to a medium and still be comfortable while concealing a firearm. The shirt in the pictures is a size medium. For reference I am 5’10” and 210 pounds.

I can easily wear a size large, which would give me more concealment capability but it was just a little to loose for my personal preferences.

The other negative for this shirt is the limited color schemes available. The Intrepid only comes in 4 color options, all in the same plaid pattern. 5.11 is has a really good product in the Intrepid shirt. I wish they would release it in more pattern and color combinations.

Bottom line: The Intrepid shirt from 5.11 is truly a go anywhere, do anything shirt. It is light and comfortable yet capable of concealing my every day gear. I feel comfortable recommending it to anyone. In fact as soon as the release some more color options I will buy them.

Functionality: 4/5
Durability: 3/5
Cost: 4/5
Comfort: 5/5
Weight: 5/5
Overall Total: 21/25

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By Nathaniel Lindsley

The grandson of two veterans, Nate found a passion for the military and firearms at a very young age. He is an 8+ year veteran of the US Army Infantry with over 22 months deployed in operational environments. Nate is a student of the gun and of all things based around the employment thereof. Nate is a lifelong shooter, firearms enthusiast, concealed carry advocate, competitive shooter and instructor. He has a passion for gaining and sharing knowledge as well as challenging people to think critically about their approach to techniques and tactics. Nate is voracious reader and consummate researcher. He has a bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science. His hobbies include all things related to the gun, studying the human condition, and working out. He enjoys the quiet times when his Belgian Malinois, Kairo, and Dutch Shepherd, Titan, aren’t begging for his attention.

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