LENGGRIES, GERMANY (12. September 2023)— Lindnerhof today unveiled it’s latest advancement in tactical gear, an innovative load carrier it calls “The Beast.”

Officially known as the Heavy Load Carrying System, The Beast is designed to help specialised units overcome the challenges they face when attempting to travel by foot into engagement zones whilst toting a weighty collection of weapons and mission-related gear.

The Heavy Load Carrying System lets operators comfortably carry more and carry it longer,” Lindnerhof said. “We refer to it as The Beast because it devours the challenge of walking into a situation with more than 20 kilograms of tactical tools pressing down on one’s shoulders.”

According to the company, The Heavy Load Carrying System consists of a carrying frame and a load carrier which, together, form the basis of a 5-in-1 system that accepts a sizable number of extras—a multiuse cover, backpack, pouches, and other equipment carriers—fixed to the system by means of smartly situated attachment points.

The carrying frame features a comfort-design reinforced internal back panel shaped to match the contours of the dorsum of most men and women, Linderhof indicated, adding that an assortment of adjustment straps allow users to obtain a more precise fit.

“Users experience greater comfort wearing the Heavy Load Carrying System because providing full contact with the torso and building into the system other reinforcements and additional padding eliminates pressure points,” the company said. “Before the Heavy Load Carrying System, carrier pressure points were a particularly serious problem when a plate carrier was worn at the same time.”

The Heavy Load Carrying System also features a quick-release functionality that lets operators instantly drop their load in an emergency. Meanwhile, mesh material on all contact surfaces helps absorb sweat and promotes fast drying, Lindnerhof said.

The load frame easily attaches to the carrying frame and includes a bank of attachment points for fixing heavy tools, anti-tank weapons, crew weapon system loads, and a wide variety of other mission essentials.

“The system’s modular nature allows loads to be attached in an almost infinite combination of configurations,” the company said. “An operator could even have several load carrying frames at the ready, each with its own mission-specific configuration, and then effortlessly swap them out as needed.”

One of the reasons that users of the Heavy Load Carrying System can carry more gear for a longer time without becoming fatigued or longing for relief from the load is intelligent distribution of the overall poundage. “The system’s mounting elements evenly spread the weight to the load frame and

then to the carrying frame while at the same time its smart fixation features eliminate shimmying and the problems such movements can cause,” the company explained. “These features work together with the user as one unit, providing 3D stability by minimizing vertical and horizontal movements, as well as oscillations between individual parts, which notably slows down fatigue.”

Last but not least, buckles that open quickly, strap guides, a handle at the top and a handle at the bottom allow for fast and easy operation of the Heavy Load Carrying System, even in the dark.

“The Beast is in a class by itself,” Lindnerhof said.

Starting today the Heavy Load Carrying System is available for order by government officials.

For more information about the latest Lindnerhof products, please visit hqg.de.

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