Deployed environments are what they are, with elements of heat, cold, rain, dust and more adding to the need for adaptability and resulting in improved or degraded performance of any unit.  The ability to control these conditions can have drastic positive effects on any mission effectiveness, and reliability of such equipment and material cannot be taken lightly.  For over 80 years HDT global has proven their dedication and ability to improve battlefield conditions and warfighter capabilities.  From military and industrial shelters, structures, HVAC heating and cooling products, decontamination, power supplies and more, HDT Global has designed, implemented and supported battlefield, humanitarian and infrastructure of today.

The HDT Space Heater Convective (SHC60) is a 60000 BTU unit, designed as a portable and ready solutions for tents, incident command structures and other facilities in cold weather operations.  Its unique combination of liquid fuel convective heater with thermoelectric generator saves critical space and offers immediate setup and reliable operation.  Supplied by a 5 Gallon Jerry can, the SHC offers hours of performance.  This capability is critical when inclement weather requires extended on scene emergency response, investigations, tactical resolution and infrastructure management.  Likewise, forward deployed teams can readily set up and operate CASH facilities, DECON, maintenance and fuel supply points, and command and support locations.  In additions to the heating performance, the SHC 60 offers remote thermostat, charging for standard and NATO power supplies with any 24V DC adapter, gravity-fed supply, and ability to run in -60 degrees F conditions.  It can also be run stacked with similar units and other HDT products.  These simple features mean eliminating power interruptions and ability of teams to focus on their missions inside the tent or facilities, instead or going in and out to run the heater.  In fact, HDT is the only manufacturer to offer these options in a modular and environmentally package.  This ability to have completely scalable and customizable environmental controls means that anything from a basic fire team to a full-scale FOB operation can be operated independently and efficiently.

HDT offers self-powered, and non-powered heaters, ranging in capabilities up to 200000 BTUs, as well as environmental control units that combine heating, cooling, and integrated power source.  That’s the option to heat several GP large tents set-up in any configuration of duct work.  Again, the flexibility of such equipment is critical not only for a variety of markets, but also in joint missions.  Standard US power grids, European and NATO power supplies can all be integrated seamlessly into a network which supports anything from patient care, command and support and tactical roles.  ADS delivers these capabilities in a full line of HDT products, and serves as a single source logistical mission support.  Customers can count on reliable and instant support from any part of the world, as both ADS customer service and HDT technicians are available to assist in set-up, maintenance and trouble-shooting to the end-user.

HDT also offers cargo heaters, air conditioning and cooling units, trailers, shelters and tents, robotics and CBRN protection.  As all of these systems are required to integrate and function together in the field, the ability for them to work seamlessly is critical.  Combining proven experience with the customer-driven values of safety, quality, integrity, innovation and service, HDT and ADS, Inc. are ready to support any mission in any environment.

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