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If you have a truck and are anything like me, you would quickly deduce that clutter happens and it happens fast with your gear and equipment.  When it is time to hit the range and train, your equipment makes the journey with you.  From the armory, to gun cases, to the back seat of the truck.  In the beginning you may even have everything organized and dress right dress.  What happens at the end of the long training day is another story.

After a training course, hours spent in the sun, and gear everywhere; we still have to repack the truck.  If you are anything like me after a long training day on the gun range; your smoked.  Your gear is dirty from rolling around in the sand, the sun is going down, and it’s that time again to load up and head home.  You toss the gear in the truck and say, “I’ll deal with it later.” Not to mention the dogs or friends that have to fit in the truck and their equipment too.  If you are still reading this, then you and I share some things in common.

This is where I have some great news for you.  Grey Man Tactical is the company and gear you need to consolidate, organize, and quickly stow your range day tools.  Grey Man Tactical produces Universal MOLLE panels in a multitude of sizes. “Over 40+ RMP models  engineered to equip your vehicle, backpack, case + safe.” ( These rigid MOLLE panels are the perfect fit for you to organize all your equipment before, during, and after transportation.

This American made craftsmanship is the right product for the job.  This load bearing MOLLE panel is compatible with all vehicle seat backs.  If you need to secure your gun and gear to fit in your backpack, gun cases, or seat Grey Man Tactical has the panelling for you. I have two RMP MOLLE panels mounted on the back of my seats.  One panel holds my rifle in place with law enforcement grade mount security.  While the other panel holds my plate carrier with their innovative Tough Hook Kit.

These panels are 100% customizable. Build out your MOLLE panel however you want with Grey Man Tactical mounts and accessories. Design your seat panels how you want to allow for o easy access to your equipment. Keep your gear organized and readily available with secure mounts for your rifle.  With Grey Man Tactical’s paneling, you can easily disconnect your RMP panel from the back of the seat and have your equipment secured in place.  You can mount your RMP panel inside your gun case to hold your magazines as seen in the picture below.

No more driving around with gear just tossed In the truck. Mount and secure your equipment knowing Grey Man Tactical has your covered.  Mounting and assembling the RMP panels are quick and easy.  Using the buckle and loop around strap, quickly connect the panel to your backseat. Customize your gun cases, backseats, backpacks, and load out with all weather resistant rigid panels. Now when you are ready to head to the range, take Grey Man Tactical with you. Stay organized and ready to access tools for your trade.

Even if you aren’t hitting the range, Grey Man Tactical MOLLE panels offer endless gear load outs for your backpack, vehicle, or mounting solutions.  Make permanent mounts or quick disconnect panels for your equipment. Whether you are on the front lines serving your country or back home packing up your gear for a weekend trip trail riding with friends, Grey Man Tactical fits the load out. I personally have multiple RMP panels for my. vehicle, backpack, safe, and for emergency medical.  My gear is organized and readily available and interchangeable with the panel design.

Grey Man Tactical is a family owned company out of Louisiana.  The company has been in business since 2012 and has produced equipment for federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.  Customer service is always a concern with companies, but I have had the best service since beginning the product testing for Grey Man Tactical.

Functionality 5/5 

Keep your gear organized, your vehicle prepped with mounts for endless equipment set up.  I use Grey Man Tactical for day to day travel with the everyday essential carry items I deem necessary.  When I’m not on the range, I have my gear stowed and secure.  Grey Man offers a RMP cover to fully cover your MOLLE panels on your seats so not to draw any attention to your gear. If I am transporting people to and from the range, the seat backers hold all the gear while allowing plenty of leg room and space inside the truck.

Cost 4/5

If you’re looking to build a pair of RMP panels for the back of your seats, it can get pricey.  The Vehicle Rifle Rack –  Rubber Clamps + 15.25 X25 RMP runs $250.00. Grey Man Tactical does offer Free Shipping on orders over $250.00. I have two Vehicle Rifle Racks with a SC-6 Mount which locks my rifle in place and offers a key lock and quick release button.  When you begin to build out your Grey Man Tactical load out, the price can quickly increase.  Grey Man Tactical does offer Law Enforcement and Military discounts.  They also have ambassador programs and product testing and evaluating.  Many times the company runs promotional sales giving 25% off and more.

Durability 5/5

All weather resident American made product. Grey Man Tactical continues to stand the durability test in the elements here in Florida. Panels are mounted on Humvees, golf carts, inside vehicles, stowed in backpacks, and in the armory.  We put the panels to work around the Ocala National Forest.  The panels continue to hold up to the elements and stress loads exerted on the gear.

Overall 14/15

I am proud to support American made companies and was excited when I had the opportunity to team up with Grey Man Tactical to outfit my truck and gear.  I have had this product for 5 months now and continue to use the equipment for a multitude of events.  From my truck to my medical bags, the panels continue to serve their purpose without any issues.  The company customer service, support channel, and collaboration has been outstanding.  I look forward to see more innovation from Grey Man Tactical in the future.

Instagram: @greymantactical

Material Disclosure

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