Glock Airsoft Review

When most people think of Airsoft, they think of replica toy guns, games or MilSim  entertainment. In the tactical community, calling someone an “airsofter” is generally considered an insult. The fact is that Airsoft is growing in popularity not just for entertainment but also within the tactical community. Several years ago I went to a Firearms Instructor course at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and during the two-week course they gave a block of instruction that covered Non-Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA). I was surprised to hear that they were using airsoft and that they had done quiet a bit research and testing.  At the time, they were also reaching out to Airsoft manufacturers and requesting their products be more ruggedized for training.

Introducing the Official and Fully Licensed Glock Airsoft pistol. I picked this one up at F3 Tactical in Chantilly, VA. Just like a real Glock, it has a full metal slide and polymer frame. This Glock 17 replica comes with a full sized metal magazine and has a very similar weight and dimensions as real Glock 17s. After I picked it up, the first thing I noticed was the realistic weight of the Glock Airsoft. I decided to do a little comparison and broke out the scale. The airsoft weighed 23.1 ounces compared to my real G17, which weighed in at 25.8 ounces. The next thing I noticed was the trigger. I have played with a few other Glock replicas and their triggers are always much lighter, but the trigger on this Glock was significantly different and one of the most realistic ones I have encountered on a Glock replica. Even though the trigger is much heavier than other Glock Airsofts, it is still a touch lighter than the real thing.

This Glock replica even assembles and disassembles in a very similar fashion as the real thing. The accessories rail, underneath the front of the barrel, gives you the option to attach different pistol mounted lights or lasers. It was a little difficult to get my Surefire X300 on the rail system, but even harder to get off. Not much of an issue, but something to think about if you’re serious about training with your carry gear. Internally it has an adjustable hop-up system to account for various target ranges, but I haven’t had to make any adjustments at this time. The Airsoft pistol fires in semi-automatic and is blow-back operated by gas that fills into the bottom of magazine. The slide even locks to the rear when you’re out of BBs.

It comes standard with the basic Glock sights.  The sights appear to be replaceable and I’ll consider putting on a set of my favorite Dillon Precision sights. The Umarex Glock 17 is compatible with all of my Glock holsters, but I did have to make adjustments to some of them, as it was a little tight fitting on most of my holsters.  A simple adjustment, loosening the retention screws on most got it to fit properly. I did have two holsters that didn’t need adjusting at all. The magazine also fit in my mag pouches.

This would be a good training pistol for those looking for a more perfect practice or to work on firearms manipulations. I could see some folks using this to supplement their live-fire and as an addition to their dry-fire routine due to the recoil. Another option I’m considering is to teach room clearing with these Glock Airsoft pistols, shooting targets inside of rooms and eventually some force on force! Be advised that these are not toys and will go through cardboard and even firmer items.

In my opinion there are a few minor negatives to the pistol. The slide goes forward a little too slow when inserting a magazine, so this might not be that great for practicing reloads. I had to really force my Surefire light onto it and it doesn’t fit well into all holsters, unless you make tension adjustments. The magazines are really expensive and it only comes with one mag, but you can always buy extras. I read where some after market mags will fit, but my Airsoft mags from another replica didn’t work. If anyone reading this runs across mags that work, please let us know.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with this Glock Airsoft and glad I made the purchase. I’ll continue to use it as a way to supplement my live fire and enhance my dry-fire.

If you use an Airsoft for training, have additional ideas or know of what aftermarket magazines will work with the official Glock airsoft, please let us know in the comment section here, on YouTube or Facebook.

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By Michael Green

15 years in Special Forces, Master class shooter in USPSA Production Division and Director of Training at Green-Ops.

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