Off-body carry is not without it’s inherent limitations and concerns. But we all regularly face situations in which our wardrobe or activities make a traditional holster impractical, if not impossible. Rather than go unarmed, we must look at other carry alternatives.

Galco’s FasTrax PAC is designed to blend with casual modern clothing styles while discreetly carrying a compact defensive handgun. Photo courtesy Galco.

I’ve been looking for a better way to carry a handgun when working out and jogging. Options for discreet concealed carry that are stable and provide quick access while running are limited. I’ve looked at a number of products, but none of them truly met my needs. That’s until Galco Gunleather® came out with its revolutionary new FasTrax PAC waistpack. Introduced at SHOT Show 2020, the patent-pending FasTrax Pac is a waistpack and pistol holster hybrid that blurs the distinction between on and off-body carry.

Waistpacks, commonly referred to as “fanny packs” (a vulgar term by the way in many English speaking countries), were in vogue in the 1990s and a popular method of concealed carry. Their use gradually fell in to decline, although their practicality didn’t. They’re now back in vogue and more popular than ever. Top fashion houses, such as Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton, have come out with pricey designer versions. They don’t draw the unwanted attention that they may have in the past.

Galco FasTrax PAC Waistpack

The Galco FasTrax PAC waistpack is in a class by itself. Stylish and functional, it’s designed to blend in with modern casual clothing while discreetly carrying compact defensive handgun ready for action. There isn’t anything else like it on the market. According to Mike Barham, Media and Public Relations Manager at Galco, the first production run literally sold out in minutes.

The FasTrax PAC features an innovative pivoting holster that works in conjunction with an external activation cord. The holster is adjustable to fit numerous compact or subcompact pistols and small-frame revolvers. It can be configured for right or left hand use. Galco has plans to introduce at least one other (and possibly two) FasTrax PAC for larger guns.

To rapidly access your handgun you simultaneously grasp the activation cord with your support hand and the top holster compartment zipper pull with your primary hand. Rip open the holster compartment and pull the activation cord and the holster will rotate almost 90°, with the butt of the holstered firearm coming out of the compartment for a rapid draw. You can also do it all with support hand. Whatever works best for you. It’s a game changer. There’s no need to dig deep into the pack. Of course, you may also access and draw your handgun in the old-style waistpack manner, as well.

FasTrax PAC uses a combination of a pivoting holster component and external activation cord. This enables you to unzip the pack and get your gun into action much quicker than you could with legacy waistpack designs. Photo courtesy Galco.

The FasTrax PAC has a compact and sporty body made of durable 400 denier high density coated packcloth nylon with a water-resistant neoprene front face. As of this writing, it’s available in your choice of black/gray and MultiCam® Black, Other colors will be available the near future. And if you’re looking for sophisticated style for around town, a black full-grain leather version, the FasTrax PAC Elite, is also available. I went with the black/gray nylon/neoprene version. It fits in well with my casual lifestyle.

The holster component is made of black-dyed Premium Center Cut Steerhide™. Premium Center Cut Steerhide is steerhide with the inner and outer layer removed that’s been treated at the tannery in such a way as to retain its lateral strength, while providing a soft inner layer to protect the firearm’s finish.

The FastTrax PAC leather holster component completely covers the trigger guard and provides a full firing grip, as a good holster should. Many gun packs on the market provide provide inadequate protection of the trigger, if at all.

One of the many great things about the FasTrax PAC is its versatility. The holster component is user-adjustable to fit dozens of different handguns. It’s easy to do. It takes only minutes to adjust for firearm fit and to switch from right to left hand use or vice versa. Instructions are included in the in-depth illustrated Product Information Guide that comes with the FasTrax PAC.

The holster component has four numbered and two lettered holes that correspond to a list in the included instruction booklet for an appropriate fit. The appropriate number and letter hole are fastened via metal slot-head bolt fasteners. The holster comes adjusted to setting 2A, (which fits many of today’s most popular subcompact concealed carry pistols) and configured for right hand carry.

The Fastrax PAC features a compact slim body that doesn’t look like at all like a gun pack. The front of the handgun compartment has been designed to be sufficiently rigid to prevent it from sagging under the weight of your handgun and to prevent it from printing.

The handgun compartment features dual ambidextrous rip cords / zipper pulls, one for right hand use and one for left hand use. To avoid mistakes, the unused zipper pull should be tucked into the compartment during use, while the zipper pull remains free to grasp. The activation cord features an oval leather disk on so it can be easily so it can be easily differentiated from the zipper pulls by feel alone.

Back panel of FasTrax PAC is made of Galco’s Comfort Cloth, a soft and breathable mesh that’s designed to keep the pack comfortable against your body. Adjustable stretchable elasticized waist strap has ITW Nexus buckle for quick on-off capability. Photo courtesy Galco.

There’s a zippered front compartment for other EDC items. The front pocket has a single rip cord zipper pull for easy one-handed access and features a pass-though wire routing port for earbud cables. It’s a great place to store you phone, ID and other essentials. The front compartment fits most smartphones. It should be obvious, but it still needs saying — never never put anything other than your firearm in the holster compartment.

Comfort is essential for all day wear. The back panel on the FasTrax PAC is made of Galco’s Comfort Cloth™. Comfort Cloth is a soft, breathable mesh. It’s designed to keep the pack better ventilated and more comfortable against the body by helping to evaporate moisture and reduce perspiration. It makes a big difference, especially in hot weather. The non-slip Comfort Cloth backing also helps keeps the pack in place.

The FasTrax PAC has a 1.75-inch wide elasticized nylon webbing waist strap. The waist strap is adjustable up to 50 inches to fit small to large waists. he waist trap is equipped with an ITW Nexus® side release buckle for quick single-handed on-off capability. A waist strap extender is available that attaches to the waist strap and adds six to 24 inches of extra length. The waist strap in a great place to clip a flashlight for quick access.

As a runner, I’m looking for both comfort and stability when running, as well as easy access to my firearm. The FasTrax PAC provides all of those features.

To Sum Up

To sum it all up, the FasTrax PAC is an outstanding product. It’s adjustable, comfortable, stylish and provides fast access. It’s ideal for those times a traditional holster is not a practical option and provides a “grab and go” capability. And it definitely doesn’t look like a gun pack. As with all Galco products, it’s exceptionally well-designed, well-made and exhibits a great attention to detail. Galco has been in the business of making holsters for over 50 years.

MSRP. for the FasTrax PAC is $79.00. The FasTrax PAC Elite has a MSRP of $99.00. All Galco products are designed and handcrafted in Phoenix, Arizona. Galco offers a 10-day Satisfaction Guarantee on all products for retail customers who purchase directly from them

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