A sturdy belt is the foundation of any belt holster system. Standard belts don’t cut it. They don’t have the necessary rigidity and stability to adequately support a holster. A purpose built gun belt is essential for comfort and stability, even with an inside the waistband (IWB) holster..

There are a lot of great gun belts on the market. And that are also a lot of “gun belts” that are not so great. I always recommend, that whatever your needs may be, you always buy quality. Get the best. It might cost a little more, but you won’t regret it.

When looking for a quality gun belt, you need look no further than Galco Gunleather®. Galco manufactures a vast array of gun belts, holsters, ammo carriers and accessories. And they’re all hand made in house by Galco in Phoenix, Arizona. Now in its 51st year in business, Galco knows what works and what doesn’t. Count me as a fan.

An update of the traditional Ranger-style belt, the Galco EDC Holster Belt features adjustable billet strap and a quick-release COBRA buckle.

Galco EDC Holster Belt 1 ½”

The Galco EDC (Every Day Carry) Holster Belt 1 ½” is an awesome new addition to the Galco gun belt line. It is an update on the traditional Ranger-style belt, with an outstanding combination of features. Galco didn’t cut any corners on the design and materials.

The Galco EDC Holster Belt is constructed of two layers of nylon SCUBA webbing. The layers are laminated together with an industrial strength adhesive and also sewn together for the entire length with matching color heavy-duty nylon sewing thread.

The SCUBA webbing is chemically treated with a “very significant” stiffening agent and will maintain its shape over time. The tips are resin-treated to prevent fraying. The belt features a hook-and-loop adjustable nylon billet strap and a heavy-duty quick-release metal AustriAlpin® COBRA® buckle.

The Galco EDC Holster Belt is very rigid and exceptionally stable, but still comfortable to wear. It keeps your belt worn gear where it needs to be. It is an ideal holster belt for both the rigors of training and everyday wear, providing a stable platform for even the heaviest of handguns and accessories.

The Galco EDC Holster Belt is 1.5-inch wide and 0.25-inch thick. It is available in four sizes to fit most shooters (Medium 34″ to 38″; Large 38″ to 42″; Extra Large 42″ to 46″; and Double Extra Large 46″ to 50″). The hook-and-loop billet strap provides a wide latitude of adjustment to accommodate various waist sizes and IWB holsters with an exact fit. It is fast and simple.

The matte black quick-release AustriAlpin COBRA buckle that is employed on the Galco EDC Holster Belt features a I.5-inch male and adjustable female half, sized to allow you to thread it through most standard belt loops. For smaller belt loops, the male buckle half may be easily removed before threading the belt through the pants loops and then replaced on the belt tail before buckling.

It provides the ease of a side-release buckle without sacrificing strength. The design is simple and will only open if you want it to. Originally designed for mountaineering, the COBRA buckle is the only quick-release buckle that won’t open under a load.

The Galco EDC Holster Belt is 1.5” wide and available in Black or Flat Dark Earth color. It is available in four sizes to fit most shooters

There isn’t any better, stronger or more secure quick-release load-bearing buckle than an AustriAlpin COBRA buckle. Manufactured by AustriAlipin GmbH in the famous Stubai region of the Austrian Alps, the patented COBRA quick release buckle is CNC machined from 12mm thick 7075 aluminum alloy and Mil Spec Type III hard anodized., It has stainless-steel adjuster, rivets and components and brass clips. Metal Cobra buckles have been approved for use by the US military.

The Cobra buckle on the Galco EDC Holster Belt has an 18kN (4,000 lbs) rating. All COBRA products are tested and certified by highly respected independent third party test houses and exceed Mil Spec guidelines for dust / sand / salt water as well as all applicable CE, EN, CSA, ANSI, and NFPA standards. They are made with safety in mind.

The COBRA buckle may be overkill on an EDC holster belt, but one thing you can be certain of, it will never fail you. it is quite practical, as well. They look very cool too!.

My Thoughts

The Galco EDC Holster Belt 1 ½” is a superb EDC holster belt. It is everything that one could ask for in an EDC gun belt and then some. Quality and workmanship are absolutely second to none. It is one of the most durable and reliable EDC belts on the market today. I highly recommend it.

The Galco EDC Holster Belt 1 ½” has a MSRP of $80.00. It is available in in your choice of Black or Flat Dark Earthy (FDE). Galco offers a Satisfaction Guarantee with easy and hassle-free return process for retail customers who purchase directly from Galco.


Galco Gunleather www.galcogunleather.com

AustriAlpin GmbH www.austrialpin.net

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Photos courtesy Galco Gunleather.

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