Their new catalog is out! Click on the image below to access their 120 page catalog.

FirstSpear develops hundreds of new products a year for the most elite military and law enforcement professionals in the world; items built to meet their needs, refined with their input, and proven on the battlefield and in the street.

A select few of those items made it in to this catalog. What you will see here is the latest in Load Carriage and Personal Protective Technology. What you will not see here are endorsements from “sponsored athletes.” We do not pay anyone to use our products. When you see the best of the best using FirstSpear at the range, on the battlefield, or responding to a crisis; you can rest assured that choice was made based on the need to have the greatest tactical advantage possible.

FirstSpear was founded in 2010 by a team of experienced industry professionals and former U.S. servicemen, with the mission of rapidly designing and delivering innovative personal protective equipment and enhanced light-weight load carriage solutions to US and allied warfighters and professional users.  Members of FirstSpear’s team have successfully designed, developed, and fielded some of the world’s most significant load-carriage systems currently in use by the US Department of Defense.


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