The Emdom Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch Gen 2 is designed to carry nearly any rifle magazine of various capacities. The design was focused on providing strong retention and making insertion and extraction of magazines simple and easy. This is the second generation of the URM that evolved from the first generation based on user feedback.

What fits inside:
The Emdom Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch Gen 2 will accommodate nearly any rifle magazines. Please see pictures below.

MOLLE/PALS compatible and can be mounted on webbing or belts up to 2.75” wide via two short MALICE clips (not included) or two long MALICE clips. Mounting platform is composed of five rows of 7/8” wide webbing. Gaps are built in between the rows to allow easier weaving of MALICE clips.

Height Option:
A unique system of five rows of 0.875″ webbing with built in gaps allows easy weaving of MALICE clips. When utilizing a pair of short MALICE clips (not included), the pouch can be mounted at three different levels on a three row MOLLE/PALS platform or four levels on a belt (up to 2.75” wide). The mounting platform is stiffened with a sheet of HDPE plastic which provides the stability necessary for mounting the pouch at different heights.

Active Retention:
The primary source of retention comes from the sides squeezing inwards. Two levels of elastic cord provide tension on the sides to retain the inserted magazine. These two elastic loops are each fully adjustable and are user replaceable.

Quick Adjust:
Both elastic retention cords feature a unique tension adjustment system. Built in Velcro secured tabs attached to each elastic loop provide a low profile means to secure the adjusted cordage. Please see photos and video below for details on how to adjust tension using this feature.

Passive Retention:
A foam insert sewn into the mounting platform of the pouch provides tension on the inserted magazine. The hypalon lining the interior of the front and back create friction for additional retention.


  • Insertion: The opening is flared from side to side as well as front to back. It stays open and will not collapse which facilitates unrestricted magazine insertion.
  • Extraction: The foam insert in the platform of the pouch creates a slight standoff of an inserted magazine. This allows for a positive grip on the magazine. This standoff makes access to shorter magazines possible.

Trapezoid Shaped Opening:
Allows the pouch to carry two AR magazines. When one magazine is removed retention is maintained on the remaining magazine.

Differences between Gen 1 and Gen 2:

  • The front of the pouch has been lowered half an inch to allow for a fuller grip on inserted magazines..
  • The hypalon lining the interior of the pouch has moved from the sides to the front and back.
  • On the front of the pouch, the two rows of PALS webbing as well as the space between them has been covered with loop Velcro.
  • Two One Wrap Velcro tabs have been sewn on the top of the pouch behind the mounting webbing which allows the attachment of the optional cover flap (sold separately).
  • The sides of the pouch have been reinforced to prevent any pending or flexing when inserting wider magazines.
  • The ends of the two elastic retention cords are secured on the back of the pouch. These also have been moved closer together towards the top of the pouch.
  • There are two quick adjust Velcro tabs, one on each side.
  • Drainage grommet added at the bottom of the pouch.

Below is a video of their original Rifle Magazine Pouch

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