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I, like most people, wear a belt every day. It holds my pants in place yes, but it also holds my gear in place. When I was offered the opportunity to take a hard look at a new belt geared towards every day carry I didn’t want to pass up on the opportunity. I was handed the Line One belt from First Spear in tan.

My first impression of the belt was it felt weird. It wasn’t heavy nylon or leather. It had a tacky feeling and it was tan which isn’t exactly my first choice of color for an EDC belt. Then it happened, the more I wore it, the more I forgot about it. This belt holds my gear right where I want it and it is so comfortable I forget its there.

Color options for the Line One belt from

The Line One belt is a urethane covered Nylon belt. It is offered in 3 colors: Black, Coyote and Rich Mahogany. The belt buckle is cerakoted to match the color of the belt. First Spear offers the belt in several sizes: Small 24-28”, Medium 29-32”, Large 34-36” and Extra Large 38-40”. First Spear also offers the option for larger sizes made to order if you call or email. The Line One belt is 1.5” (38mm) wide and easily fits standard belt loops.

Line One belt at the range

The urethane coating on the Line One belt provides a durable belt that won’t crack, peel, warp or rip. The belt has the flexibility of a leather belt without the break in time or care associated with leather products. The urethane coating creates a belt that is impervious to compromise from sweat, other liquids and temperature.

The Line One belt possess the comfort and mobility often associated with leather but with increased strength. Throughout my use the belt has shown no indication of stretching, warping or discoloration that can happen with leather.

I have been wearing the Line One belt for about 6 weeks. Aside from wearing it for normal everyday life I have also worn it shooting, running, hiking, biking around the city and during intense work out sessions performing complex movements. Throughout all of these different situations I have not experienced any discomfort – rubbing, chaffing or pinching.

Using the Line One belt for pull ups

The Line One belt is a surprisingly strong belt. It does not feel as rigid as some of the other EDC belts on the market but that doesn’t mean it isn’t strong. In fact, the materials used and the flexibility provided make the belt more comfortable than many of its competitors. I have worn this belt through many shooting matches with a number of different magazines and pistols hanging off of it. The belt never sags between the weight of the equipment attached. Even while running and moving into and out of unconventional positions the belt holds your equipment in place nicely.

Just how strong is the line one belt? I have used it on 4 different occasions to do pull ups with. I weigh 215 pounds and it supports my weight pulling on it over and over without any visual indication of stress in the belt. The overall length remains unchanged, there are no stretch marks on the material or any other indication of structural compromise. I would say that means the belt is pretty strong.

Kairo assessing the strength of the Line One

In order to test the durability of the belt beyond the competitions, workouts, and every day use I subjected the belt to the ultimate test of durability: I gave it to my dogs. I let my Dutch Shepherd, Titan and my Belgian Malinois, Kairo play tug-of-war with the belt. The Line One belt came away with a few teeth marks but not a single puncture. That’s no small thing considering I have seen these dogs destroy product that was “built to last.”

At this point the belt has only shown wear in two places. The first place is the buckle. Both the frame and the prong have small scratches where the cerakote finish has rubbed off. This isn’t a huge issue for me as my shirt almost always covers the belt. For those that want to wear this belt with a shirt tucked in this may be an issue. The other area where wear has shown is where the frame of the buckle rubs on the belt after its buckled. This occurs on all of my leather belts as well. Again, this isn’t an issue for me personally but I wanted to point it out nonetheless.

This belt has exceeded my expectations. I am going to order another Line One belt in black. If you are looking for a quality EDC belt check out the Line One.

MSRP: $70.39

Functionality: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Cost: 4/5

Comfort: 5/5

Style: 4/5

Overall Total: 23/25

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Line One belt through Spotter Up. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


By Nathaniel Lindsley

The grandson of two veterans, Nate found a passion for the military and firearms at a very young age. He is an 8+ year veteran of the US Army Infantry with over 22 months deployed in operational environments. Nate is a student of the gun and of all things based around the employment thereof. Nate is a lifelong shooter, firearms enthusiast, concealed carry advocate, competitive shooter and instructor. He has a passion for gaining and sharing knowledge as well as challenging people to think critically about their approach to techniques and tactics. Nate is voracious reader and consummate researcher. He has a bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science. His hobbies include all things related to the gun, studying the human condition, and working out. He enjoys the quiet times when his Belgian Malinois, Kairo, and Dutch Shepherd, Titan, aren’t begging for his attention.

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