“You can argue with someone ‘til you’re blue in the face. Or you can just go do it and prove them wrong.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Dean Stott – Former UK Special Forces (SBS), Adventurer, Double World Record Holder, Star of the TV show SAS Australia and Author of the Bestselling book, Relentless.We talked about the support of his wife Alana, his team behind his successes and the transition from Special Forces soldier to the civilian world.

Dean talked about how he met Prince Harry, and the support he got for the world record attempt to raise money for the charity Heads Together.

With the most exciting start to ANY book I have ever read or heard his book Relentless is a phenomenal read. Dean epitomises the unrelenting pursuit of excellence and in. His words- “you cannot be experienced without experience “

Everybody has heard the SAS motto that who dares wins, but special forces warrior Dean Stott also lives his life by another powerful mantra – that of the relentless pursuit of excellence.

In 16 years of service, Dean rose to the top of Britain’s fighting force, taking part of some of the most daring and dangerous operations in the war on terror, and then in the private security force, where missions included him singlehandedly evacuating the Canadian Embassy in Libya.

But then, following a horrific parachuting accident, Dean’s dream career was cut short, and his ethos was put to its toughest test. Just like the day when Dean’s dad said that he could never make it as a soldier, Dean’s doctors told him that he would never again perform at the elite level.

To put it mildly, Dean disagreed, but even those that knew him were staggered by the mission that he set himself – the man who didn’t own a bike would cycle the Pan American Highway, a 14,000 mile route on the longest road in the world- that stretches from Argentina to Alaska, passing through some of the most dangerous countries on earth.

A passionate mental health campaigner, Dean decided to up the stakes further by setting himself the task of raising a million pounds for charity.

With two world records also in his sights, the stage was set for Dean to rediscover the tenacity, bravery, and downright doggedness that saw him rise to the top of the Special Forces.

The final curveball arrived in the shape of a wedding invitation from his old friend Prince Harry – would he make it back in time for the royal wedding, or at all?

Dean Stott is Relentless, and this is his story.

You can find out more about Dean, his book and his extraordinary skills at www.deanstott.com

And on INSTA at. https://www.instagram.com/deanstott/

I am Damian Porter , Former Special Forces Operator, High Performance Living Coach from www.eatwellmovewell.net and you can listen to my STRAIGHT TALK MIND AND MUSCLE PODCAST sponsored by www.realketonesaustralia.com

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