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In this video we will take a quick look over the existence of IED’s on frames. A frame is basically a shape of an entrance or a hollow point. A frame could be found in door ways & windows. When we say Frame we refer to the texture and shape that marks the passage \ penetration point.

In a CQB environment, especially when we move down Alleys – we have to be on a constant look for IED and other delaying devices. Traps will await us and will capture us when least expected. In this video we want to share with you mistakes & the learning curve of one of the teams who got through one of our courses.

In this scenario the team had to perform a simple DA. On their way to the target designation the team had to go through an alley way. As heard on the video – slowly the village woke up and the noise volume of the environment rose. The team was distracted and eventually stepped on an IED. NO.1 tried to escape and got into a close contact situation of 5-6M away. Simply watch.

Scanning a frame.

When one approach a frame – he should always look briefly for an IED. most obstacles \ entry delay devices are deployed around the penetration point by the defending force.  There are two main ways for scanning a frame on approach –

  1. Sporadic : The most common way, people look in a uncoordinated way on the door and its shape. by doing so they create a mess and a long needed process for the brain, to understand what it just saw.
  2. Frame check – a standard procedure that has a specific start & end. Normally it contains 4 Checkpoints that the individual has to follow with is eyes. by doing so we create a synchronized \ organized way of checking a texture for something specific.

How does it goes :

When we approach for example (as in the picture) the door from the left, the right side of the door  (that opposes us) will normally be the first for us to see (blue marked). So we will look on the frames lower part (blue-number 1) slowly and steadily the individual will follow the frame with his eyes upwards to the top right of the frame (number 2) and will continue to the middle top (number 3). The catch is that at some point, in most doors – the individual will have to move close to the frame in order to see properly the side that close to him. by doing so he might exposed him self or portions of his gear.  In the sporadic method – the individual will often bend over and expose himself.

Remember guys  the fundamentals.

  • Work safe.
  • Avoid unintended exposure
  • And when you do expose, expose in the following steps – Muzzle, eyes & than your body.

Hope you enjoyed this one

– Eli.




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