I am pleased with the new Paladin Tactical Pants from Condor Elite Inc. Nick the rep was happy to send me a pair to review, and they came to my home address quickly within the week. As the demand for versatile and sturdy apparel extended beyond the military, tactical pants gained popularity among law enforcement and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The Condor Elite Paladin Tactical Pants are a robust and well-designed addition to the world of tactical apparel, and for a reasonable price of less than $100.00.


I took them out of the box and tried them on. They fit perfectly for the size that I ordered. They were a bit stiff as most clothing is when new. I washed and dried them in my home machines, and gave them a try after, and they softened up considerably but were still durable.  Manufacturers continuously innovate by introducing stretch fabrics for improved mobility, moisture-wicking technologies for enhanced comfort, and discreet pockets for concealed carry. Condor did this here by fusing the two different panels of fabric to each other. The pants are crafted with a poly/cotton chassis and strategically placed 4-way stretch nylon panels. The best feature of the Paladin are the four-way stretch material. The material is located on the rear of the pants below the belt-line, the gusseted crotch, and the strip above the knee pocket.

The panels are 97% Nylon, and 3% Spandex. These pants prioritize both durability and freedom of movement. You get the best of both worlds here.  I really like the elastic waistband as it adds an extra layer of comfort, allowing for a snug fit without sacrificing flexibility. This feature is particularly beneficial during dynamic movements, ensuring that the pants stay securely in place. I can twist and turn, squat and stand easily and I feel very mobile.

What you end up getting is a contemporary tactical pant that serves not only as a reliable tool for professionals, but also as a versatile garment for those desiring a rugged yet refined look in their daily wardrobe. The incorporation of Genuine Crye-Precision™ MultiCam® adds a touch of authenticity and modernity to the overall aesthetics, making them suitable for various tactical and outdoor activities. In the image below notice the Nylon/Spandex combo used on the mid thighs of the pants.

Knee pads 

One notable feature of the Condor Paladin Tactical Pants is the built-in knee pad pockets, which are essential for individuals who require additional protection during high-impact activities. The reinforced knee cap further enhances the durability of the pants, ensuring longevity even in demanding conditions. This design choice reflects Condor’s commitment to providing gear that withstands the rigors of tactical use.

Pads are sold separately and can be inserted easily.

The pants can be cinched down using the Velcro, and cotton flap on the back of the knees of the pants.

Great ventilation

Ventilation is a key consideration in tactical pants, and the Condor Paladin excels in this aspect. The micro mesh pocket liner enhances breathability, ensuring a cool and comfortable experience in warmer climates for the two zippered vent pockets. These are strategically placed to provide the wearer with control over airflow, allowing for optimal breathability and comfort. especially beneficial in warm climates or during strenuous activities where heat buildup can be a concern. Note: the pants can be worn in all climates, seasons and terrains.

Good use for pockets

The Condor Paladin Tactical Pants also boast a practical and versatile pocket layout. Two hand pockets with reinforced edges, two hidden gadget pockets, and two gadget pockets designed for phones or magazines offer ample storage options. This thoughtful organization caters to the diverse needs of users, allowing them to carry essential gear without sacrificing mobility.

Good fit

Belt loops capable of accommodating belts up to 2 inches wide add to the versatility of these tactical pants. Whether you prefer a sturdy utility belt or a more tactical option, the Condor Paladin pants can easily accommodate your choice. I am using the Blackbeard belt. The slim fit of the Condor Paladin Tactical Pants contributes to a modern and streamlined appearance without compromising functionality. as I mentioned before, the gusseted crotch ensures freedom of movement, making these pants suitable for a wide range of activities, from tactical operations to outdoor adventures.

Durability (5/5): Constructed with a blend of high-quality materials, the Condor Elite Paladin Tactical Pants prove to be exceptionally durable. The reinforced stitching and triple-stitched seams ensure longevity, even in the most demanding environments.

Functionality (5/5): One of the standout features of these tactical pants is their functional design. The multitude of pockets is strategically placed and generously sized, providing ample storage for various tools and accessories. The cargo pockets have inner organizers, allowing for efficient organization of small items. The front pockets are deep and well-designed, keeping items secure during physical activities. The addition of knee pad pockets is a thoughtful touch, enhancing versatility for those who require extra protection during tactical maneuvers.

The articulated knees provide freedom of movement, a crucial aspect for any outdoor or tactical activity. The gusseted crotch further enhances flexibility and prevents any discomfort, making these pants suitable for a wide range of physical activities.

Comfort (4/5): While tactical pants are often associated with durability and functionality, the Condor Elite Paladin Tactical Pants do not compromise on comfort. The fabric has a slight stretch, offering flexibility without sacrificing toughness. The waistband is adjustable, allowing for a customized fit, and the YKK zipper closure ensures secure fastening. The only minor drawback is that in extremely hot weather, the pants might feel a bit warmer than some lighter alternatives, but the overall comfort level remains impressive.

Style (4/5): In terms of style, Condor has managed to strike a balance between the tactical look and everyday wear. The pants have a sleek and professional appearance, making them suitable for both outdoor activities and casual urban settings.

Price: 5/5 Affordable. You get a good pair of pants for a reasonable price. These are not Crye Combat Pants so please don’t expect that. Crye’s are priced from $300 or more, and have their own inherent value; such as permanent flame resistance, moisture management, and odor control. They dry up to three times faster than cotton and have excellent tensile and tear strengths. For the money, the Condor Paladin pants give you comfort, style, durability and function for about $100.00. My overall rating is based off of pants comparisons in the same category.

Overall Rating: 22/25

Conclusion: The Condor Elite Paladin Tactical Pants are a stellar combination of durability, functionality, and comfort. They stand out as a well-crafted and versatile choice for individuals seeking high-performance tactical apparel. With a focus on durability, functionality, and modern aesthetics, these pants are a reliable option for professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone in need of reliable gear for demanding activities. Crafted from lightweight, quick-drying stretch fabric, these pants guarantee 24/7 performance and comfort as you tackle the challenges that lie ahead.


  • Genuine Crye-Precision™ MultiCam®
  • Built-in knee pad pockets
  • Reinforced knee cap
  • Two zippered vent pockets for ventilation control
  • Two hand pockets with reinforced edge
  • Two hidden gadget pockets
  • Two gadget pockets for phone or mag
  • Belt loops can accommodate belts up to 2″
  • Gusseted crotch for freedom of movement
  • Elastic waistband


  • Fit: Slim Fit
  • Material:
    • 65% Poly, 35% Cotton
    • 4-way strech panels: 97% Nylon, 3% Spandex
  • Imported

PURCHASE CODE: Spotterup15

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By Michael Kurcina

Mike credits his early military training as the one thing that kept him disciplined through the many years. He currently provides his expertise as an adviser for an agency within the DoD. Michael Kurcina subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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