I had the chance to stop by the C2R Fast booth at the Modern Day Marine expo. If you get a chance, take a look at their Instagram page, and website for their innovative take on load carriage systems and tactical equipment.

The Configurable Body Armour Vest CBAV. One of the most versatile systems we have ever designed. Every detail added to provide a system that can be tailored by the individual to the role they fulfil. Shown here with the 24 hour assault pack attached and ballistic helmet with c2r vented helmet cover.

Introducing the @c2rfast Chameleon. At C2R Fast they are always working to bring you truly innovative tactical equipment solutions. The Chameleon is the first plate carrier that allows you to change the colour of the vest. The frame is complimented by skins that allow you to customise your carrier in under 3 mins.

This picture is of a London metropolitan police CTSFO wearing the C2Rmor lite system whilst carrying out his duty in London. At c2r they are proud to provide high end tactical equipment made in the UK to their police firearms community.

The Configurable Body armour Vest is a new, configurable load-carriage vest designed from the ground-up. It forms the core of the C2R CMAS (Commando Modular Assault System) which can be set up in multiple configurations to suit user requirements and roles.

The CBAV uses a front and rear plate bag complimented with a chest rig adaptor kit, assault pack and pouch suite. This configuration provides the user a high level of front and rear ballistic protection. The shoulder pads and magazine rack can be removed to provide a lower profile for personal protection or discreet operations.

Configurable Body armour Vest

Made from C2R’s proprietary KRATOS material, the CBAV utilises the cutting edge in military-grade lightweight, durable fabric. Each vest is precision engineered using state-of-the-art laser cutting and CAD modelling.

Designed by experienced veterans for the modern combat environment, the vest is easily configured by the user to optimise for each mission and the level of ballistic protection required.

Configurable Body armour Vest

Additional features include:

  • Field repairability (All load-bearing buckles can be

replaced in the field)

  • Interchangeable cummerbunds (can be set for Velcro or

quick-release buckle)

  • Multi-format magazine pouch
  • Shoulder release mechanism

You can view their page here


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