Honolulu, Hawaii (Feb. 8, 2023) — Bulletproof Zone, a leading online distributor of body

armor and protective gear for law enforcement, military and civilians since 2017, has been

recognized as a top key player in the bulletproof vest market in an in-depth research report on the



Published in September of 2022 by 360 Research Reports, this detailed market study titled

“Global Bulletproof Vest Industry Research Report, Competitive Landscape, Market Size,

Regional Status and Prospect” examines the bulletproof vest market on a global and regional

scale using exhaustive quantitative and qualitative analyses. Primary sources of data included

extensive interviews with parties ranging from key thought leaders and experts in the industry to

end-users. Secondary sources included documents such as top companies’ annual and financial

reports and public files. Certain third-party databases were also consulted.


The report aims to provide a useful resource on all essential aspects of the current bulletproof

vest market, including current and future objectives, a competitive analysis of the bulletproof

vest industry and a summary of industry key players’ past and present performance.

These industry key players include both internationally renowned enterprises and small to

medium-sized companies with significant potential for growth. Bulletproof Zone shares the list

with 22 other companies, among them notable names like Safariland, Point Blank Enterprises

and EnGarde.


Since its founding in 2017, Bulletproof Zone has become a leading name in body armor

distribution world-wide. The launch of the brand’s ProtectVest in June of 2022 further cemented

Bulletproof Zone as a major contender in the bulletproof vest market — an industry valued at

1.225 billion in 2021 and forecasted to increase to 1.925 billion by 2027.

Of his company’s recognition as a top key player in this market, Bulletproof Zone founder Kevin

Lim said, “On behalf of our team, we are honored to be recognized as a key player in the body

armor market. At the same time, we know we still have much work to do in producing and

providing the best equipment in the industry to protect our customers — both professionals and

civilians — from firearms and other weapons.”


In addition to their streamlined, easy-to-use ProtectVest, Bulletproof Zone has offered a wide

array of top-quality body armor and other personal protective equipment from trusted brands

since 2017. For more information about Bulletproof Zone, you can refer to their website at

www.bulletproofzone.com or reach them at support@bulletproofzone.com.

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