POOLER, GA—Blue Force Gear is proud to announce the release of two new duty belts: the all-new GRID™ Belt and the updated CHLK™ Belt.

Both the GRID and CHLK belts use MOLLEminus™ technology to create one of the slimmest and lightest MOLLE belts available. Blue Force Gear belts are optimal for OWB holsters, mag and utility pouches, trauma kits, and other MOLLE gear.

Blue Force Gear belts use a two-belt system featuring separate inner and outer belts. The inner belts are worn threaded through pant belt loops and can be used as standalone EDC belts. The durable outer belt, made from ULTRAcomp® and a rigid composite, attaches securely to the inner belt using a hook-and-loop interface.

Engineered for Comfort

Blue Force Gear duty belts are engineered for maximum comfort—and that’s not empty marketing hype. Inspired by the changes leather belts undergo after they have been broken in from everyday use, Blue Force Gear belts feature a 32-degree curve designed to mimic the contour of the human waist. The belts also feature a subtle outward cant from top to bottom, resulting in a more comfortable fit at both the waist and the hips. This makes them far better suited for long-term wear than typical flat-profile battle belts.

All-New GRID™ Belt

The GRID Belt is an excellent duty belt for most military, police, and law enforcement personnel. It is also an ideal choice for sports shooters, prepared citizens, or anyone looking for a battle belt who doesn’t need a belt with load-rated capabilities.

The GRID Belt incorporates all the load-carriage and design features from the popular Blue Force Gear CHLK Belt minus the specific load-rated capabilities required by helicopter assaulters. The GRID Belt comes with a patent-pending one-piece glass-filled nylon buckle that is significantly more durable than plastic SR buckles. Optional COBRA® Buckle Upgrade Kits are available and can be purchased separately.

The Updated CHLK™ Belt

Short for “Combat Helo Load-rated Kit,” the CHLK Belt revolutionizes modern battle belt design. Crafted around the needs of helicopter assaulters, it features the hardened points required to tether to the anchor points on a helicopter.

The CHLK Belt has an ANSI spec load-rated buckle, and the updated version uses a reinforced proprietary Dyneema®-nylon hybrid webbing. The new version also sports a removable molded glove hanger, and the closure of the inner belt now uses a G-hook for improved fit and a more secure connection.

The GRID and CHLK belts are available in MultiCam®, Black, Ranger Green, and Coyote Brown. The GRID Belt is available for purchase now on the Blue Force Gear website. The updated CHLK Belt is available for pre-order and will begin shipping on December 12th. Learn more at BlueForceGear.com/battle-belts

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