Many of us enjoy getting out into nature to unplug and unwind from the stresses of every day life. Some people head into the outdoors out of casual recreation, and some people treat their adventures more seriously. Whether you are taking a casual day hike in the forest, or spending a week mountaineering at extreme elevations, you should always be prepared for the weather and the environmental conditions you might encounter. What might be a minor inconvenience and discomfort for a few hours on a day hike, could very well be the matter of life and death if you are far from help or caught in unexpected weather changes in the wilderness.

When you head into the wild, the easiest way to start being prepared is to choose the correct clothing items for whatever environment you are going to be in. There are many companies making outdoor gear, but not all of them are making truly life-saving gear, or are truly working to prepare you for survival in a myriad of environmental conditions.  

The Seattle-based Beyond Clothing is one company who is doing exactly that. Beyond is making cutting edge layering systems designed for survival. They offer everything from next-to-skin layers to waterproof shells and everything in-between, with an emphasis on helping the user choose the correct layers they need for their specific mission and environment. 

Beyond Clothing is made entirely in the USA, which they claim allows them to be more agile and responsive with their production times then much of their competition. 

The Beyond Clothing website offers a system builder which helps you create the clothing package that you need for your specific mission, dictated by environmental conditions. It breaks down the Earths environments into 4 temperature ranges with associated moisture conditions. Within those 4 categories, the system builder will provide you with a set of clothing options to choose from that will include the various layers you would need to have with you for that environment. 

From the “About us” section of the website:

  • “The AXIOS clothing system is the most complete, technical survival clothing system ever developed to support your mission. The seven layer AXIOS system uses the most advanced fabrics currently available, offering a Berry Compliant synthetic clothing system of uncompromised quality and integrity. The system incorporates both active and static subsystems, fusing them into one synergistic survival clothing system. The AXIOS system breathes incredibly well, dries very fast and is designed to work with the user and their gear from -40°F to 45°F. This offers the customer unparalleled freedom to adapt their clothing system to dynamic environmental conditions and mission sets. Everything about the AXIOS system is geared toward comfort and functionality to help achieve mission success.”

Beyond Clothing is one of the brands carried under the ADS, Inc. brand. ADS, Inc. of course provides, “equipment, procurement, logistics, and supply chain solutions” to those who need proper “gear” and you can find Beyond Clothing product on the ADS, Inc. online equipment catalog.



By Joshua Shaw

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