Bastion’s Nomad Stainless Steel Automatic Watch- An Exclusive Addition To Watch Collections

Bastion, a leading EDC accessories and watchmaker known for its high-quality timepieces, came up with its newest creation, the Nomad Stainless Steel Automatic Watch. As a proud addition to Bastion’s impressive portfolio, the Nomad stainless steel automatic watch brings a refined yet rugged aesthetic to fine watchmaking with features tailored to the modern consumer’s active lifestyle. Though the phenomenon of smartwatches flooding the market is new, the charm of the vintage EDC Automatic Watches and accessories remains the same. Particularly, the Nomad stainless steel automatic watch boasts features and luxury almost unrivaled in the fraternity. It brings to your personality a new style quotient. With style and luxury, the watch fits perfectly on the wrist, making it one of the sought-after accessories in the lifestyle market.


Bastion’s master designers and expert artisans have embodied the adventurous yet cultured spirit of the wanderer in the Nomad stainless steel automatic watch. The 42mm stainless steel case and matching bracelet have been polished to a bright sheen, including curved, integrated lugs for maximum wearability. Utilizing Japanese automatic movement, this stainless steel automatic watch winds itself through the natural motion of the wrist to ensure constant accuracy without reliance on batteries or charging. Protected under an anti-reflective sapphire crystal lens, the intricately detailed face displays hours, minutes, seconds, and dates through vintage-styled hands and applied hour indices. The watch offers up to 41 hours of continuous operation when unworn or still. With 21600 beats and Miyota 8215 automatic movement, the watch in its entirety weighs only 5.5 oz/155 grams. These elements balance substance with sophistication to create an exclusive timepiece suitable for wear in the office and on the open trail.

It’s in The Name

“The Nomad name and concept in the Nomad stainless steel automatic watch is meant to embody that spirit of exploration and ideal that there’s always another new journey on the horizon,” says Lead Designers at Bastion. “With this watch’s rugged capability and dual nature, the designers have created something uniquely versatile, durable, and long-lasting that could keep up whether you’re summiting mountains or clinching deals.” This stainless steel automatic watch is for the true nomads out there. The watch shines bright in the hour of the adversary when outdoors. Whether you intend to use it as an accurate timepiece or flaunt the watch aficionado in you, this waterproof automatic watch lives up to its name fully. The watch is truly built to last and designed to impress.


The Nomad stainless steel automatic watch boasts extraordinary capabilities, with a water resistance of up to 100m/330ft and unmatched durability. Its stainless steel band and case ensure resistance against oxidation, discoloration, impact, and extremes of heat or cold. Every facet of the watch’s construction has been meticulously crafted with longevity in mind through high-grade materials built to endure all that life may bring. Owners can rely on the Nomad stainless steel waterproof watch to offer years of accurate functionality, whether diving into ocean depths, hiking remote landscapes, or cycling across countries. The watch is made from only the finest premium materials; therefore, it is guaranteed to last and perform flawlessly no matter where you are in the world. Whether you intend to explore the hot deserts of Africa or the cold mountains of Europe, explore the cities and nightlife of the remote sleepy towns, or trekking through remote wilderness, the watch will keep you on time and in perpetual style.

What The CEO Of Bastion Has To Say

“Our team’s dedication to excellence and strict tolerances result in an exquisitely finished timepiece able to stand the test of time,” says Mike, the CEO of Bastion. “The Nomad Stainless Steel Automatic Watch adds a rugged yet refined aesthetic to our portfolio that collectors will appreciate. Its versatility allows the modern consumer to transition effortlessly from outdoor excursions to high-level meetings while maintaining a consistent appearance of reliability. We’re delighted to welcome this exciting addition exclusively to our Bastion family.”

Order and Pricing

The Nomad Stainless Steel Automatic Watch is available for order now via Bastion’s website with an MSRP of $347 rather than $497, a price slash of a whopping $150.  To learn more, visit Bastion online or follow their social media for additional product announcements and launch updates in the coming months.

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