JC Son

JC Son is a former U.S. Air Force aviator with flying experience in the T-1 Jayhawk and T-6 Texan II. He immigrated to the states at an early age with his father, a retired Lt. Colonel of the R.O.K. (Republic of Korea) Air Force and a F-4 Phantom fighter pilot, and his entrepreneur minded mother to live out the American dream. As a 1.5 generation Korean immigrant, JC’s family made their living through a small grocery store in the tough neighborhoods of Southeast D.C. during the 1980’s. Unfortunately, their American dream became a nightmare when JC’s family lost their beloved grandfather during a robbery attempt. This profound experience, in turn, shaped his view on taking responsibility for one’s own safety and self-defense. JC’s generation of Koreans were the ones to live through the L.A. Riots of 1992; known as the ‘Rooftop Korean’ generation and value the freedom they are afforded in this great nation. His life experiences has lead him to reaffirm his oath of office to defend the constitution, especially the 2nd Amendment, against all enemies of freedom. He is also a NRA certified firearm instructor and a novice competitive shooter.