Comfortably and safely carrying a concealed firearm during a rigorous workout can be challenging, but you do have options. Arrowhead Tactical Apparel™ now offers training shorts as part of its Carrier line of concealed carry athletic apparel. The Carrier Training Shorts are the only lightweight training shorts on the market that can safely carry any handgun you choose and do so without compromising your workout. They’re a great option for packing heat during those summertime jogs.

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel

A little background on the company is in order. Arrowhead Tactical Apparel was founded by five friends who share a common goal: to redefine urban readiness through purposeful apparel that is designed to support concealed carry for an active lifestyle. They experienced the frustrating lack of effective concealed carry options for comfortable and athletic clothing. They decided to address this shortcoming themselves.

The Carrier Training Shorts are the only ultralight training shorts on the market that can safely carry any handgun.

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel offers a variety of stylish concealed carry apparel options for athletic and casual wear. The “Carrier” line of concealed carry clothing has comprised the bulk of the company’s products since the beginning. They were designed from the ground up to combine the comfort of athletic wear with the functionality of tactical clothing. The Carrier line currently consists of Carrier Shorts in 8” and 11” lengths, Carrier Sweatpants, Carrier Joggers Mk.II and of course, the Carrier Training Shorts which I’m covering in this article.

On the surface, Arrowhead’s line of concealed carry apparel doesn’t appear any different than standard athletic clothing. Which is good thing. However, looks can be deceiving and in this case they are. These garments are purpose-built for concealed carry, without sacrificing the wearer’s comfort or safety.

Carrier Line

Carrying a firearm while working out or running presents it own unique set of challenges. it’s not the same as going about your everyday routine with a concealed firearm. The Carrier line offers the best of both the tactical and athletic worlds. it’s functional athletic wear that also lets you carry your gun in your own holster in almost any carry position you choose, checking boxes for both efficiency and safety.

To understand how the Carrier line accomplishes this, we must first start with the shortcomings of common athletic wear. It’s designed for comfort but not to carry a lot of weight and certainly not the weight of a gun. It does not provide adequate support. Trying to do so in spite of this is unsafe and uncomfortable.

Although the Carrier line features elasticized waists with adjustable drawstrings (similar to conventional athletic apparel), it’s specifically engineered is engineered to support a holstered handgun. The secret is a patented Carrier Retention Waistband™, which consists of an elastic waistband with belt loops on the inside which accept a 1.5” belt such, as Arrowhead’s Retention Belts designed for use with the Carrier line. The belt is threaded through extended belt loops inside the waistband, and it’s fully concealed from view when worn.

Arrowhead’s standard Rapid Clasp Retention Belt™ is supportive and slightly elasticized, allowing your firearm to flex with your body during motion while ensuring that the holstered handgun does not become unstable. The belt features a low-profile metal buckle that is secured by magnets and tension when worn. it’s fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of waist (and firearm) sizes.

Although they may look like standard training shorts, the Carrier Training Shorts are specifically engineered to support a holstered handgun. The secret is the patented Carrier Retention Waistband.

Arrowhead also offers its new OmniCarry Retention Belt™, which also works with all Carrier apparel. Arrowhead states that it’s the result of two years of feedback from Arrowhead customers. The belt features a patented design with a removable low profile electroplated zinc buckle that connects to Hypalon® (synthetic rubber) loops on the belt. The belt is made of military grade nylon webbing with an elastic content to maintain comfort. It’s 50% stiffer than the standard belt to provide greater support, which may be appreciated by any wearers who want to bring along their full EDC for their favorite summertime exercise. The belt is fully adjustable and is designed to give you more options for holster placement. It’s designed to be set and forget. According to Arrowhead, you can even wash the apparel with the belt installed. I haven’t tested the new belt.

Belt installation is quick and straightforward. Flip down the waistband, thread the belt through the loops upside-down, and flip the waistband back upright. Then simply adjust the buckle to your desired tension. If you need any more guidance, they have a tutorial on their YouTube® page. In addition to Arrowhead’s own Retention Belts, the Carrier Retention Waistband can also accept most 1.5” belts intended for concealed carry.

Unlike belly bands, girdles, or other harness-based contraptions, this system feels totally natural to anyone who is used to wearing a belt. it’s not hot to wear or restrictive. Simplicity of design wins out. All Carrier products may be worn without a belt, but a belt must be installed to safely carry a handgun.

The belt supports all waist-mounted carry positions, though the internalized belt design doesn’t support OWB holsters. You can also use the system to mount an IWB mag carrier to keep a reload within easy reach.

Selecting the right holster is also essential for both safety and comfort. Arrowhead recommends an IWB holster with 1.5” to 1.75” holster clips for best results. If you already have an IWB holster that you like, the odds are good that it will work seamlessly with any Carrier product.

Carrier Training Shorts

The Carrier Training Shorts are the most purpose-designed apparel in Arrowhead’s Carrier line. The shorts feature a 5” inseam and aggressive athletic cut. The shorter inseam means mean less material over your legs and, coupled with the athletic cut, provides more freedom of movement.

The Carrier Training Shorts have two deep hand pockets and a zippered storage compartment behind the right-hand pocket,

There are things that I look for in running shorts. I don’t want want excess weight and material when I run. I also prefer a shorter hem since longer hems can chafe and cause irritation over time. And I want shorts that breathe, wick away sweat and dry quickly. The Carrier Retention Shorts meet this criteria.

One of the most important considerations in any performance apparel is the material that it’s made of. The Carrier Training Shorts are made of a technical fabric that’s a blend of nylon and spandex. The shell is 90% nylon and 10% spandex. The waistband is 92% nylon and 8% spandex. Nylon tends to be more durable and weather-resistant than polyester. The spandex provides stretch for greater freedom of movement. Nylon and spandex are both moisture-wicking. The shell is made of ultralight fabric that has a loose weave for breathabilty.

Besides keeping you cool and comfortable, shorts need to be able to carry your essentials. In addition to the Carrier Retention Waistband, the Carrier Training Shorts offer two well-located located deep hand pockets that are the perfect size for smartphones, as well as a YKK® zippered storage compartment behind the right-hand pocket for secure storing of small valuables, such as keys, during a run.

I have been working out and running with the Carrier Training Shorts regularly for over eight months while carrying a concealed firearm IWB. Ambient temps were at times in the triple digits. The shorts have proven comfortable and durable. Carrying a concealed handgun in an IWB holster with the shorts hasn’t restricted my workout in any way.


The Carrier Training Shorts are presently available in four popular colorways: Midnight Black, Ingot Grey, Ranger Green, and Sandman (desert tan). They are are available for purchase exclusively through the company’s web store. MSRP is $57.99 without the belt or $69.99 when bundled with the standard Carrier Retention Belt. The company offers a 21-day (from date of delivery) return or exchange option for any out-of-box manufacturer defects, improper fitment, or incorrect fulfillment of the product ordered and a limited manufacturer’s warranty (terms apply, as always). All Arrowhead Tactical products now ship fast from Atlanta, Georgia.


Arrowhead Tactical Apparel

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Photos courtesy Arrowhead Tactical.

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