Arrowhead Tactical Apparel™ is an American company that was founded by five young friends who share a common goal—to redefine urban readiness through purposeful apparel that’s designed to support concealed carry for an active lifestyle. Like most of us, they experienced the frustrating lack of effective concealed carry options for comfortable and athletic clothing. They decided to address this shortcoming themselves. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention..

The Carrier Sweatpants are designed for comfort. They are made of breathable cotton / polyester blended fabric and feature roomy and comfortable legs and a full-length inseam without an ankle cuff. They have two zippered rear pockets and two side pockets.

The Arrowhead Tactical Apparel line of “Carrier” products was designed from the ground up to combine the comfort of athletic wear with the functionality of tactical clothing. Although the company is currently manufacturing its inventory in China under close supervision for quality and consistency, it’s exploring American production options as they grow in scale to support the American textile industry.

The Arrowhead Tactical Carrier line of men’s concealed carry clothing currently consists of Carrier Joggers, Carrier Shorts and the new Carrier Sweatpants. Arrowhead Tactical Apparel provided me with the Carrier Sweatpants for evaluation in Spotter Up.

On the surface, the Carrier Sweatpants don’t appear any different than standard sweatpants. And that’s a good thing. They don’t look out of place anywhere athletic apparel would be worn. However, looks can be deceiving. And they definitely are in this case.

The Carrier Sweatpants, like the rest of the Carrier line, are purpose-built for concealed carry, and they provide an unprecedented everyday carry apparel experience without sacrificing the wearer’s comfort. In a way, the Carrier line offers the best of both the tactical and athletic worlds. It lets you carry your gun in your own holster while maintaining the draw position that you have practiced so many times, checking boxes for both efficiency and safety.

To understand how the Carrier line achieves this effect, we must first start with the shortcomings of common athletic wear. A traditional elastic waistband does not safely support an inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster and loaded firearm during rigorous motion without the firearm bouncing, swinging, and possibly even detaching from the wearer’s waist.

Although the Carrier line features elasticized waists with adjustable drawstrings (similar to conventional athletic wear), it has a simple and ingenious secret — the patent-pending Carrier Retention Waistband, which is designed to support holstered handguns, from compact to full-size. So, you may be wondering, just how does it work?

The Carrier Retention Waistband supplements the elastic waistband and drawstrings mentioned above by adding a proprietary 1.5” retention belt. This belt is threaded through enlarged belt loops inside the waistband, and it’s fully concealed from view when worn. Unlike belly bands, girdles, or other harness-based contraptions, this system feels totally natural to anyone who is used to wearing a belt. Simplicity wins the day.

According to Arrowhead Tactical Apparel, the defining feature of their Rapid Clasp Retention Belt is that it “offers a slight horizontal elasticity while maintaining torsional rigidity.” In plain English, this means the waistband is slightly stretchy side-to-side but solid up-and-down, allowing your firearm to flex with your body during motion while ensuring that the holstered weapon does not become unstable. The belt features a low-profile metal buckle that is secured magnetically and by tension when worn. The belt is fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of waist and firearm sizes.

The patent-pending Carrier Retention Waistband supplements the elastic waistband and drawstrings by adding a proprietary 1.5” retention belt. It’s fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of waist and firearm sizes. The wearer can affix the holster clips over the entire waistband or directly to the inner belt, depending on preference..

The Rapid Clasp Retention Belt is threaded through extended belt loops on the inside of the waistband. The extended belt loops minimize belt-to-body contact while preserving ease of belt installation or removal. When installed, the retention belt is completely hidden from view. All Carrier products may be worn without the belt, but it must be installed to safely carry a handgun. Belt installation is quick and straightforward — just roll down the waistband, thread the belt through the loops upside-down, and flip the waistband back upright. Adjust the buckle to your desired tension, and voila.

Selecting the right holster is also essential for both safety and comfort. An inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster with 1.5” to 1.75” holster clips is recommended for best results. The wearer can affix the holster clips over the entire waistband or directly to the inner belt, depending on preference. Outside-the-waistband (OWB) holsters aren’t supported due to the internalized belt design.

Comfort and breathability are paramount with any athletic or leisure wear. With that in mind, the Carrier Sweatpants are constructed of breathable cotton/polyester fabric. They have a loose and roomy fit, featuring a full-length inseam without an ankle cuff. They’re the most comfortable offering in the Carrier line. And the rest of the line is very comfortable..

The Carrier Sweatpants feature two side pockets and two zippered rear pockets. In keeping with the low profile / gray man concept, they have minimal branding — only a single rubberized logo, such as would be found on designer sweatpants. There isn’t anything openly tactical about them. The Carrier Sweatpants are a unisex design and come in sizes that will comfortably fit both men and women.

The Carrier Sweatpants are an outstanding product that meets a very real need. They’re comfortable, appear very durable, and are well-constructed. Although the Carrier Sweatpants are new, I have been extensively using the Carrier Jogger and Carrier Sweatpants for some time now. The Carrier Retention Waistband has worked well to keep my holstered firearm safe, secure and stable during all manner of athletic activities.

The Carrier Sweatpants retail for $84.99 through the company’s online retail channel. It’s currently the exclusive way to purchase the full selection of Arrowhead Tactical Apparel products. The Carrier Sweatpants are available in Carbon Grey, Midnight Black, and Army Green. A Rapid Clasp Retention Belt is included with every pair at this time. And be sure to check out the Carrier Joggers and Carrier Shorts, as well. These other offerings are also outstanding athleisure products for concealed carry, catering to a variety of styles and seasons.

Customer service is important when dealing with any company. My experiences with the company have been excellent. Arrowhead Tactical Apparel stands behind the quality of its products. The company offers a 14-day (from date of delivery) return or exchange option for any out-of-box manufacturer defects, improper fitment, or incorrect fulfillment of the product ordered (terms apply, as always).


Arrowhead Tactical Apparel

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I received this product on loan as a courtesy from the manufacturer so I could test it and give my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based on my personal experience with the product.

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