Columbus, Miss. (March 28, 2023) – APEX Ammunition’s Turkey Ninja TSS has been named Best .410 Turkey load by Outdoor Life.  In their recent test, Outdoor Life focused on Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) loads in .410 because of the density of tungsten pellets, and APEX’s Turkey Ninja TSS shotshells by far delivered the best performance.

The test was conducted at 40 yards using three of the most popular .410 turkey guns. The number of pellet strikes within the 10-inch diameter target circle was then measured. For each load, two patterns were shot with each gun, and then all six patterns were averaged.

“APEX is largely responsible for the popularity of TSS in turkey hunting, which also bolstered the popularity of turkey hunting with .410 shotguns. So it’s fitting that APEX’s Ninja would win our Editor’s Choice pick,” said Alex Robinson, Editor-in-Chief, Outdoor Life. “The load produced far denser patterns than others in the test……With the Mossberg 500, the load patterned phenomenally averaging 154 hits inside a 10-inch circle. For reference, in our review of the best 12 gauge turkey loads, there were a couple TSS loads and lead loads that didn’t print as good of patterns. Remember, we’re talking 12 gauge rounds with significantly higher payloads.”

The 3-inch Ninja loads contain 403 No. 9.5 TSS pellets with a payload of 7/8 ounces and velocity of 1060 fps.

“To be named Editor’s Choice by Outdoor Life is always an honor,” said Jason Lonsberry, CEO, APEX Ammunition. “All of us at APEX have a deep passion for turkey hunting and know how important reliably dense patterns are for clean kills. We appreciate the recognition of the effort we put into our R&D and quality control to produce these handloaded shotshells which are truly designed for ultimate performance.”

For more information on APEX Turkey loads visit: APEX Ammunition.

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