The A.C.S. Grenade Trigger Pouch® is a PALS-mountable quick-deployment device for grenades and distraction devices. Think of it as a Level 3 holster for a grenade or flashbang that allows quick, one-handed, one-action extraction and deployment. Designed and manufactured in Israel by A.C.S. (Advanced Combat Systems) Industries Ltd., the Trigger Pouch is standard issue to Israel’s  National Israeli Counter Terrorism Unit “Yamam.” The Yamam  is a Tier 1 unit that specializes in hostage-rescue and offensive raids against hostile targets in civilian areas.  The Trigger  Pouch has garnered considerable interest from military, law enforcement and security forces around the globe.

The Grenade Trigger Pouch has seven separate security mechanisms. Not only is it the safest pouch, it’s six times faster than conventional pouches. Spoon protector, safety and one of the two release levers shown. Both release levers have to be simultaneously pressed.

Royal Arms International, Inc. is US distributor of the A.C.S. Grenade Trigger Pouch. These currently include the A.C.S. M67 Grenade Trigger Pouch, A.C.S. M26 Grenade Trigger Pouch, A.C.S. Rheinmetall NICO Flashbang Grenade Trigger Pouch, and A.C.S. CTS 7290 Mini Flashbang Grenade Trigger Pouch, Rheinmetal MK 13 Flashbang Grenade Trigger Pouch, and the Safariland Low Roll II Flashbang Grenade Trigger Pouch. The Trigger Pouch is also available for STANAG magazines, and MK3 police-size chemical spray, which are also available from Royal Arms.

Royal Arms offers a slightly modified version of the A.C.S. Rheinmetall NICO Flashbang Grenade Trigger Pouch for use with its excellent FBG-MK4. The ring protector/extractor has been removed (ground off) on the FBG-MK4 Trigger Pouch, since it would prevent FBG-MK4 with the new MK4 rectangular safety pull pin from being used with the Trigger Pouch, since the cover would not close properly with it.. The ring protector/extractor is also completely unnecessary with the FBG-MK4 safety pull pin design. The FBG-MK4 can be used in an unmodified A.C.S. Rheinmetall NICO Flashbang Grenade Trigger Pouch by using a standard FBG pin, which is available from Royal Arms. The modified Trigger Pouch comes standard in the FBG-MK4 Advanced Kit and is also available separately. The modified FBG-MK Trigger Pouch  can still be employed with the NICO flashbang.

The Trigger Pouch has two US patents. It’s exceptionally well designed, very well made and durable. The Trigger Pouch is made of the same rugged ROHS Plustik UV-stabilized composite polymer material used to manufacture Tavor® rifles and utilizes heavy-duty stainless steel springs. It’s a very reliable system that’s built to handle harsh environmental and operational extremes. It’s MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-810-G compliant.

The Grenade Trigger Pouch has seven separate security mechanisms, making it the safest pouch on the market. Not only is it safer, it’s six times faster than conventional pouches, according to the manufacturer. The multi-point safety system covers and protects all critical parts of the grenade/flashbang. The pull ring and spoon are secured and protected. The fuze/firing mechanism is covered and the grenade/flashbang is secured and protected by a spring loaded cover

The Grenade Trigger Pouch features a nylon cord that you can run through the pin and secure on a hook on the back of pouch. It will pull the pin for you when you remove the grenade/flashbang from the pouch, allowing one-handed deployment and enabling you to keep eyes on the threat/target and your other hand on your weapon at all times. If you don’t want to use the deployment cord, simply remove it from the hook or don’t put it through the pin in the in the first place.

The Grenade Trigger Pouch features nylon cord that may be used to pull pin as grenade/flashbang is removed from pouch for one-handed deployment. Spring-loaded cap protects the fuze assembly.

The Grenade Trigger Pouch features and ergonomic fail-safe design. To deploy the grenade/flashbang you simply flip down the safety catch and then depress levers on each side of the Trigger Pouch to open the spring loaded top cover. Both levers must be depressed at the same time. This is all done one-handed in a single action using gross motor skills. The Trigger Pouch is suitable for both right and left handed use and allows quick extraction and deployment with gloved hands. There’s no wasting of critical time.

The Grenade Trigger Pouch features a very well designed and easy to attach PALS attachment system.  It takes only seconds to do. It has two clips that you insert into the PALS webbing and lock in place by pulling the clip outward until it latches. It attaches to two columns and two rows of PALS webbing or the equivalent. It’s simple and very secure.

Maintenance requirements are minimal. A.C.S. Industries recommends simply cleaning the Grenade Trigger Pouch after use (obviously with no grenade inside) with pressurized air or a damp rag. Don’t use any cleaning agents other than water. The company warns not to expose the Trigger Pouch to temperatures exceeding 120ºC (248ºF).

As I stated in my article on Royal Arms FBG-MK4, the A.C.S. Grenade Trigger Pouch is an outstanding piece of kit. After using it, I guarantee that you’ll never want to go back to conventional pouches again. It’s safer, quicker and provides numerous tactical advantages. It’s simply an all-around better system.

The A.C.S. Grenade Trigger Pouch comes in Black, Desert, Green and Olive Green. The A.C.S. Trigger Pouch for the FBG-MK4 is available in Black and Green from Royal Arms for $49.00.

The A.C.S. Trigger  Pouch is also available from Royal  Arms’ partner and International distributor Torc Precision, Ltd.., located in the UK. .


A.C.S. Industries Ltd.

Royal Arms International, Inc.

Torc Precision, Ltd.

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