5.11® has added two new boots that meet the US Army AR 670-1 standards to its collection this Fall: the EVO 2.0 8” AR 670-1 and the Speed 4.0 8” AR 670-1. The US Dark Coyote color of the boots meets the AR 670-1 compliance standards for US Army wear with MultiCam® and Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP). I was provided with the EVO 2.0 8″ AR 670-1.

The EVO 2.0 8″ AR 670-1 is a high-performance boot designed for comfort, support and durability. The boot features an 8” EN ISO rough out cattlehide leather upper and a high abrasion 1200D nylon construction that enhances its resistance to wear and tear. The boot also has a hidden knife pocket.

The EVO 2.0 8″ AR 670-1 is equipped with 5.11 Force Foam® cushioning and an Ortholite® footbed that provide comfort and support for the foot. The Force Foam cushioning is a proprietary technology that absorbs shock and reduces fatigue. It is made of a lightweight, durable and responsive foam material that adapts to your foot shape and movement.

Ortholite technology is a patented innovation that creates high-quality footbeds for footwear. Ortholite footbeds are made of open-cell foam that allows air to circulate and moisture to escape, keeping the foot cool and dry. They also provide comfort and cushioning for the foot, reducing fatigue and enhancing performance. Ortholite footbeds are antimicrobial and resist the growth of bacteria, fungi and odor. They are lightweight and durable, maintaining their shape and function for a long time. Ortholite footbeds are also more eco-friendly, using 5% recycled materials, reducing the environmental impact of footwear production.

The EVO 2.0 8″ AR 670-1 t has a slip, oil, and heat-resistant 5.11 full rubber lug multipurpose outsole for all-around performance. The outsole is fast rope compatible. The instep has a special design “pocket” that allows a fast rope to slide smoothly through it. The outsole is also stitched to the upper for higher durability and longevity. The boot has an EN ISO 20347 OB, SRA, FO, E, HRO certification that attests to its quality and safety.

The EVO 2.0 8” AR 670-1 is AR 670-1 compliant for US Army Wear with MultiCam and OCP. The boot is designed for comfort, support and durability.

The color and height requirement of US military boots varies by branch and, in some instance the unit. With the arrival of the OCP uniform the US Army switched from desert tan boots to coyote brown boots, as specified in AR 670-1. To meet AR 670-1 requirements, soldiers’ boots must also be between eight and 10 inches high and feature a plain, soft toe. The EVO 2.0 8″ AR 670-1 meets all AR 670-1 requirements.

One of the reasons why the Army specifies an 8-10” boot is to provide adequate protection and support for the feet and ankles of soldiers. It covers the lower part of the leg and prevents injuries from rocks, debris, insects, and other hazards. The boot also helps to stabilize the ankle and prevent sprains or fractures.

Soft toe boots are lighter and easier to move in than hard toe boots, which can be bulky and rigid. Soft toe boots also allow the feet to breathe better and reduce the risk of blisters and infections. Soft toe boots may not offer as much protection as hard toe boots, but they can still meet the safety standards required by the Army.

It should be noted that Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier and US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center do not have a certification process for boots. AR 670-1 is designed to provide guidance on what approved standards the footwear industry uses to manufacturer boots that are authorized for wear.

The collar and tongue of the EVO 2.0 8″ AR 670-1 are well padded and provide comfort and protection. The padding helps to cushion the ankle and prevent rubbing or chafing from the boot’s upper. The tongue also helps to keep out dirt, debris, and water from entering the boot. The boot has a nylon webbing bootstrap.

The EVO 2.0 8″ AR 670-1 has punched eyelets for lacing. They are reinforced with metal rings to strengthen the lace hole. Punched eyelets are the most common and the least obtrusive type of eyelet, but they are also the most difficult to adjust.

The EVO 2.0 8” AR 670-1 has Force Foam cushioning and an Ortholite® footbed for comfort and support that endures. The bot has a stitched slip-, oil-, and heat-resistant full rubber outsole.

Tips for Boot Selection and Fit

The type of boots you need depends on the kind of terrain, weather and load you will face. Heavier boots will make you use more energy, so choose the lightest ones that still offer enough support and stability. The most crucial factor in picking boots is to ensure a proper fit. Fit affects comfort.

To know if boots fit well, you should try them on at the end of the day, when your feet are at their biggest. Wear the same socks and any insoles/inserts that you will use with the boots. Insoles/inserts are materials that you put inside the boots to provide extra cushioning or support. It is common for one foot to be slightly larger than the other. Go with the size that fits the larger foot.

Before you buy, walk around for at least 15 minutes and if possible, walk up and down a slope to check for any heel movement or toe pressure. There should be some space for the toes to move, and they shouldn’t hit the front of the boot. Women should generally look for footwear designed for women’s feet instead of smaller versions of men’s models, although some women may find the latter suitable.

Even though all boots need some break-in time (most blisters are caused by boots that are not broken-in well), boots should feel comfortable from the start. Don’t expect them to change with wear. If they don’t feel right at first, they won’t feel better later.

It is always better to try before you buy. When buying online, consider a brand that you have worn before as most brands have consistent sizing. Two different brands with the same number size may not fit the same way.

In a Nutshell

The EVO 2.0 8″ AR 670-1 checks all the boxes for a duty boot. It is well-designed, well-made and ruggedly built using the highest quality materials. I have worn the boot over some very demanding terrain. I have found the boot to be very comfortable to wear over long periods and to provide excellent a support and stability, all of which are absolutely essential in a duty / tactical boot. The boot has very good all terrain traction. There is no single sole that has the best overall traction, since different soles perform better or worse on different kinds of terrain. The optimal structure, density, pattern and tread thickness will depend on the intended activity, Weight is also a definite consideration in purchasing a boot. I would give the boot a moderate weight rating. Not overly heavy, but they are not lightweight either. That being said, everyone has different preferences and needs when it comes to boots. And of course, everyone’s feet are different. What works for me may not work for you.

The EVO 2.0 8″ AR 670-1 is an excellent duty boot that combines comfort, support and durability. The price of this boot is $132.00 USD on the official 5.11 website, but prices may vary depending on the retailer. The boot is available in men’s sizes 4 to 15, with Regular-D or Wide-E width options.

All 5.11 products are available directly from 5.11 and at authorized 5.11 dealers. 5.11 offers free shipping on orders over $75.00 and free returns. 5.11 offers a limited lifetime warranty for each product sold by 5.11 or its authorized dealers to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for as long as you own the product, or for the maximum period allowed by the laws of your jurisdiction, if less.



Material Disclosure

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By Eugene Nielsen

Eugene Nielsen provides intelligence and security consulting services. He has a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of California. His byline has appeared in numerous national and international journals and magazines.

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