I was eager to try to jacket on after 5.11 sent it to me. When it came finally in the mail, the weather was very warm; not a rain cloud around, so I didnt get a chance to try it. A week later, my wife told me it was going to rain hard on a Monday, and on Monday it rained hard! I like the ATMOS jacket. It’s a simple looking, functional, cold-weather jacket. It performs well in cold and the rain.

When it rained, I grabbed my gym gear, and headed to work out, while using the ATMOS jacket to protect me.


Let’s break it down some. The body is 100% nylon plain weave, 2L hardshell, 3.7-oz., DWR, with a lining of 100% nylon 210 taffeta, 1.9-oz. The insulation is 100% polyester Primaloft® black, 5.0-oz. 5K/10K waterproof/breathable. All of the materials work together, and you get a jacket that is very waterproof.

The best time to see if a jacket works well is when you wear it in a storm. The temperature stayed around 39 on the day it rained; light rain stopped and started throughout the day and into the night, with 9mph winds. At one point, the rain turned into a light sleet. My legs were cold because I wore shorts to the gym, but my upper body was very warm. At one point I actually thought it was a bit too warm for me. Thankfully they added underarm zippers for venting.

In the evening I walked 30 minutes with my wife. At this point in time the weather dropped a few more degrees, and it rained very hard. The rain fell off the fabric. Rain drops beaded on my jacket and fell off. I remained completely dry. It handles well against winds too.


The hood is stationary and cannot be removed from the jacket body. It comes with an internal shock cord system. Some jackets use a stiff wire inserted into a hood. Because I like a clear line of sight, I prefer hoods that I can shape into a specific form. I don’t like my vision being obscured. I dislike slipping in mud, and would hate to fall down a cliff. The 5.11 ATMOS hood instead uses a shock cord; the cord can be used to cinch the hood tightly or the hood can be adjusted open. The ATMOS’ hood didn’t flop down over my eyes, however I always look for a jacket with a hood with wire.

When I’m hiking, or attempting to fire a pistol or rifle I don’t want to take a mis-step and slip; this is something to consider when purchasing any kind of jacket. Not having a wire rim in a hood isn’t a deal-breaker for buying the ATMOS. I bring it up, as something to consider. I also like the fact there is a jacket hoop so I can hang my jacket properly. Some jackets don’t use a hoop. I dislike hanging bare material over a hook that might be sharp, or with a burr.


The jacket uses a center front zipper that runs the entire length of the jacket. There are external storm flaps. The storm flaps work well when the jacket is fully zipped up. When the zipper is half way down or fully open, the flaps kept poking me in the chin when I walked; while this was a bit annoying, I knew the jacket needed to be broken in. A good washing would remedy this.

5.11 uses a generous amount of hook and loop fasteners on the inside front of the jacket. This a great feature. I dont always like to zip up a jacket. When I took out the trash and got the mail I used this feature.


The left/right sides of the jacket have inner mesh dump pockets. One of my favorite features on the jacket were the sleeve gaiters. The gaiters really keep the wind out, and keep warmth in. The jacket has 4 pockets (2 external + 2 internal). This jacket is perfect for layering with other apparel, when their is strong wind, rain or snow. Keep in mind that it is primarily a rain jacket, and not a cold-weather jacket. This is a nice jacket to pair with your plate carrier for those days on the outdoor range. If you are doing concealed carry IWB, don’t use the zippers; simply use the hook and loop, and you’re ready to react in a moment.


This jacket comes in two colors-BLACK and RANGER GREEN. I like the simple lines of the jacket. I did not like the boxy look of most jackets; this one was nice and paired with a good shirt and jeans it can make you look pretty dope. Jackets should never be very expensive. For a jacket that offers these kinds of features I believe it is affordable. It has a winning combination of ventilation, weather protection, super lightweight that doesn’t come at the expense of durability and weather protection. Many lightweight jackets are thin but fragile. I wear this jacket everywhere.  Enjoy this jacket in the outdoors or around the city. You won’t be disappointed.

Stationary adjustable hood. Center front zipper opening with external storm flap. Hook and loop fasterners
Adjustable hem and hood with internal shock cord system
Left/right inner mesh dump pockets
Internal sleeve gaiters
Underarm zippers for venting
Underarm zippers for venting

Features of the ATMOS

  • Body: 100% nylon plain weave, 2L hardshell, 3.7-oz., DWR
  • Lining: 100% nylon 210 taffeta, 1.9-oz.
  • Insulation: 100% polyester Primaloft® black, 5.0-oz
  • 5K/10K waterproof/breathable
  • Center front zipper opening with external storm flap
  • Stationary adjustable hood
  • Hand welt pockets with zipper closure
  • Underarm zippers for venting
  • Internal sleeve gaiters
  • Left/right inner mesh dump pockets
  • Adjustable hem and hood with internal shock cord system
  • Five.Eleven TPU label at right hand pocket
  • “Always Be Ready” reflective heat transfer at back hood
  • 4 pockets (2 external + 2 internal)
  • Regular fit
  • Imported

Cost – 3.5/5 Affordable.

Comfort – 4/5 Lightweight and will not restrict movement.

Durability – 5/5 Strong, light and not fragile.

Functionality – 5/5 Very functional, does what you need it to do.

Weight – 4/5 Light!

Overall rating: 22.5/25

Features a fully waterproof outer shell, a protective and adjustable hood, and stretchy wrist gaiters that seal out the elements. It also has plenty of pockets to be useful. Has limited color options and a boxy cut. This is a great jacket. It lacks the refinements of sleeker jackets on the market, but the it functions as advertised and the price is within the range one should expect.

Material Disclosure

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By Michael Kurcina

Mike credits his early military training as the one thing that kept him disciplined through the many years. He currently provides his expertise as an adviser for an agency within the DoD. Michael Kurcina subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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