221B Tactical is a company with the slogan: Eliminate the Impossible, founded by a Police Officer 4 years ago it is a company that is making big waves in the tactical community. Beginning with 221B Tactical’s first product, the Maxx-Dri Vest in 2013, they have progressed as a company with ever evolving products.

I received a pair of 221B Tactical’s Guardian Gloves – Blue Line Edition to test and review. The Thin Blue Line that flowed over the back of the glove representing the Thin Blue Line between order and chaos was aesthetically pleasing. The back of the hand and fingers are protected with a high density injected rubber for protection rather than a hard plastic (hard plastics are against some department regulations). Guardian gloves have level 5 Spectra lining inside that protects your hands against cuts and slashes and an added layer of Armor-Skin on the palms and fingertips for extra protection. On the thumb and pointer finger there is a  material allowing ease of use of your smart phone without removing your gloves and this feature worked  very well for me while pressing and swiping the screen on my phone. I ordered a medium with a perfect fit in length of the fingers noticing the thumb being slightly long for my hand. The initial fit was snug and broke in fairly quickly allowing me to continue to test.


I used my Guardian Gloves for driving while on patrol and during SWAT training including shooting pistol, rifle and sniper rifle. The fabric used that allows you to operate your cell phone has an added benefit that gives you a great feel for your trigger. The placement of my finger in the right spot, feeling the take up up to that point just before the trigger breaks and how smoothly it was impressed me.

Manipulation of reloads and clearing magazines that got stuck in my pistol was good but could have been better if my thumb fit just a little better in the glove (this extra length caused some difficulty but not so much that it made grabbing items with my fingertip and thumb impossible).

I was able to write citations and reports while still wearing my Guardian gloves without difficulty. What I learned was the Armor-Skin is a little slippery on hard smooth plastic as I experienced when grabbing and holding the mic for my squad cars radio that I easily corrected with a firmer grip.

Fun Fact: 221B Tactical takes its name from the address of no other then Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes was a fictional detective in books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and lived on 221B Baker Street. From 1886 to 1927 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote books and short stories about Holmes’ adventures. In the book “the Sign of the Four”, written in 1890 Holmes said “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”.  There began 221B Tactical’s slogan: Eliminate the Impossible.

The Guardian Glove comes in a Thin Blue Line Edition, a Thin Red Line Edition and Black Edition.

Price is only $49.99.

Fit                    4/5 (only due to the thumb being a little too long)

Function          5/5

Feel                 4/5

Quality            5/5

Price                5/5

TOTAL           23/25



  • 100% Spectra Lining protects not only palms BUT ALSO the back and sides of the hand
  • Armor-Skin on the palm and finger tips
  • Smart-Touch index finger and thumb for smart phone/touch-screen capability
  • Injected Rubber (High Density) on the back of the hands to protect fingers, knuckles and the back of hands


  • Superior cut protection
  • Spectra Lining offers protection of front, back and sides of hands with LEVEL 5 cut protection
  • Excellent durability and abrasion resistance….for LONG LASTING use
  • Spectra Level 5 cut protection EVEN WHEN THE GLOVES ARE WET (something most “cut resistant” gloves DO NOT offer)
  • Lightweight comfort AND breathable
  • High Density Injected Rubber on the back of the hands offer OUTSTANDING protection while allowing great flexion and mobility while maintaining a low profile (unlike hard, plastic knuckle gloves)
  • No need to remove your gloves to use your smartphone or touch-screen device
  • Superior blend and placement of materials provide a fit that makes this glove fit like a batting glove….NOT a bulky, chunky search glove
  • Armor-Skin on the palms and fingers give you superior grip under AND protection all conditions….wet or dry
  • Smart-Touch index finger and thumb for smartphone/touch-screen capability.

Sizing and Fit:

People report that their Guardian Glove fits like a “second skin” and this snug fit offers them maximum dexterity.  Please use this as a guide when determining the best size and fit for yourself.  If you still have any questions please message us on Facebook or email to support@221btactical.com.

 How to Wash:

  • Hand Wash with Anti-Bacterial Soap and warm water
  • Lay flat to dry

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received this product as a courtesy form the manufacturer to use and provide my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and based off my personal experience with the product.

By dwh747

Holzinger has been on the job since 1990. His primary assignment is the patrol division where he has served as a Field Training Officer. He began his SWAT duties in 2000. Since then he has served as an entry operator, ballistic shield operator and sniper. He is currently the Sniper Team Leader with the South Suburban Emergency Response Team (SSERT) a multi – jurisdictional SWAT that covers over 30 suburban towns on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. Holzinger is a firearms instructor, Taser instructor and armor for his department. He is certified as a Master Firearms Instructor through the University of Illinois, Police Training Institute. He has attended numerous firearms instructor courses to include: pistol, shotgun, semi auto rifle, SMG, police sniper instructor as well as various NRA Instructor courses.

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