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You are a Fighter

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“There’s a goal most mature men have and it is to live in harmony with the world. In order to do this, he is supposed to know his ideal self, let go of perfection, and practice patience not only on himself but upon all the men he wants to battle. Not an easy thing to do when he believes there is a fighter inside himself. He should be engrossed in worthwhile goals regardless of the shifting, and unknown vicissitudes that turn what he builds to rubble. Plots, and fields, steppes and mountains and a whole lot more of the world has been scoured by men like him looking for a heavenly place to lay his doormat to kick the dust off his feet. Sometimes he finds it sometimes he won’t. The idea of peace seems to jangle like a windchime hung upon a beam outside his door. He can hear it come and go sometimes softly or loudly. Perhaps he hears the sound of footsteps. Does it elude him? As he ponders the splendor of the woods, or the unshackled sky, it may occur to him that outside of his abode is the unessential. He must work on how he sees the world. It may occur to him that a fighter is inside of him and likely will be inside of him until the day he dies. When he sits in his dim room, with his riotous eyes watching the seemingly inexhaustible fire he might even hear a sound if he’s ready to hear it. There’s a peacemaker standing outside the door waiting to kick the dust off his boots, looking for the right moment to be let in. He’s been looking for that same plot of land. Get up stranger and greet yourself everyday and try to live in harmony with the rest of the world.” Just a short story, stream of consciousness. I hope you enjoy it. Make peace when you can, fight when you can’t make peace, and make real efforts to stay connected.

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