May 27, 2022

Spotter Up

In Depth Tactical Solutions

MAN OF EMOTION. “If you believe that weeping is a weakness spare me your thoughts on humility.”~Michael Kurcina. Every culture throughout history has marked death with a ritual or ceremony. Funerals play an important role in helping family and friends cope with loss, heal their pain, and understand death. You will see many tears fall from warriors at military funerals. In the book Beowulf the character Wiglaf mourns the loss of the warrior. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that crying was a purgative. We know today that crying can feel good; it seems to act as a safety valve to relieve us of stress and tension and research is backing up that theory. When we cry, we are able to release the difficult feelings that we keep inside, and process grief and loss. Crying is a natural response humans have to a range of emotions, including sadness, grief, and frustration. If we are filled with endless torment, tears will allow us to get rid of some of the sickness. Most men don’t cry about something in the future, they cry about something from the past. I suppose in old age many of us will struggle to remember, for now we are struggling to forget. Perhaps we struggle to cope with something from the past, and we don’t have an answer for why. If we cry, and once our tears end, we may arrive at an understanding about our station. Action: Have no shame when you cry. Work through your issue.

Music by Follow on Instagram: Visit our STORE: Purchase our book We Make Ghosts: Purchase our book We Fight Monsters: Purchase our book We Wrestle Silently: The world needs good men. The world needs dangerous men. The world needs capable and spiritual men. The world needs men who have a heart for God, and a desire to change the world for the better. “Endless thinking without purpose and action ruins men.”~Michael Kurcina. Men must have solutions that are reasonable. Men must also have solutions that they can reason through, and then they must accept the solutions and take action.

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