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What is this Brotherhood of Man?

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There is a goal most mature men have and it is to live in harmony with the rest of the world. In order to do this, he is supposed to know his ideal self, let go of perfection, and practice patience not only on himself but upon all the men he wants to battle. What is this word brotherhood? We lie to ourselves when we say that we are all part of some brotherhood of man. Brotherhood suggests that we are part of a community with a feeling of closeness and kinship, a feeling of solidarity but there are real nihilists hiding in plain view from a culture of death that preaches love yet really wants to enforce their will upon others, and wants the destruction of all men. They cannot see the human dignity and value in others; those kinds of men only ever see the utility of men and this leads to the exploitation of others, often times with men coming willingly to become slaves. This kind of view looks badly upon others by deeming them useful or less useful and therefore leads to controlling free men. Without respect for the ideas of freedom for all of mankind, the love for every spark of life, the nobility in others, this myopic view might lead easily into believing in genocide, and even the killing of their very own brothers in blood. If love cannot save us from ourselves and our violent hands round our throats then what can? Keep preaching peace, do nothing, or do little when violence comes to others but consider one day that violence may come to you, so be grateful if help comes from someone that won’t auction their talents nor principles as you did. When it happens is NOT the time to figure what it is that you believe. Give regard to a moral code that has real principle, merit and is useful because there are bad men out there. Give violence that is an appropriate response, that fully adheres to your principles, and if need be destroys bad men in their tracks. “Hold peace in your heart, violence in your hands and a plan of action in your mind.”~Michael Kurcina. May God have mercy upon our souls.

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