January 17, 2021

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We Will Walk Towards Danger Again

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“Sometimes when men lose their courage they must go away for a time. Sometimes they can’t deal with their fears. They lose their nerve. They must be among the wild things, away from men, away from love. They lay their belly against the earth and roar at the moon. In the dark and silence they begin to heal. They will learn to stand upright like men once more and walk towards danger again…..”~Michael Kurcina

Gun fight, street fight, bar fight, robbery, mugging, kidnapping; all of these things can sap our courage. You have wounds for a reason. Find out what you can use those scars for. Change the world bro… Return to a routine as soon as possible. It’s okay to take a break from some people and situations but don’t isolate yourself and cut the whole world off. Maintain your health; exercise, eat regularly, sleep regularly. Tend to your spiritual needs. Get counseling. Don’t shut down to others; get help, talk to your friends or spouse or family. Don’t be an animal cos that won’t get you too far; recognize that you’re just a man and it’s okay to feel certain emotions. There’s nothing weak about that 📸 @hiddenmongoose

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