Fri. Sep 25th, 2020

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We Were Stupid

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“Youth’s strength lay in the fact that we were stupid—and therefore seemingly impervious to criticism, that we were so self assured of our place and purpose in this universe despite the truth that told us otherwise. We didn’t philosophize too much nor once doubted that we were a brother to all men and a lover to all women, that we could be rich by 19 and immortal by 25 but the inevitable consequences of living despite our sincerest actions showed us the folly of our belief. It wasn’t age that aged us but adulthood and we would go through a lifetime of painful living trying to forget some of the things we knew. But there were good things discovered with wisdom—that real love is truly deathless, real friendships so hard to find is truly priceless, real evil is truly Godless, and real men like Alexander are real gods to mortal men. We would never forget a woman’s laughter in the dark nor her breath or smile or her tiny hands. We would never forget life’s most cutting lesson, or that we could die, or a simple yet sublime truth that living nobly though right was unfashionable in this bitter age but to good men made us everlasting and deliver us upon death into time’s clearest stream.”~Michael Kurcina TBT

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