June 23, 2021

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We are legion

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And when you say, “I am alone” know that you are wrong. All across America, in some parts alone are 10,000 men just like you. Don’t give up. Don’t give up. Don’t give up. Never quit. We are legion.

Clear your mind daily and nightly. Say your prayers at night and in the morning; do your ablutions. Clean your armor, tend to your weapons. Read your books. Train your body. Do your fight church. Tend to your family. Study your enemy. Love your lover. Strengthen your bonds with your brothers. Yes this is work. Yes, some tasks are greater than others, and there are some burdens that are harder to carry than their cousins within that family of pains; we should never shrink at the enormity of what is ahead for us if the calling is noble. If the task is mighty then the possibility of pain attached to it is likely mighty too; at times we may suffer greatly. if we can endure it, as a participant and not just as an observer, as a student and not a fool, our spirit becomes ennobled and our mind wiser to its nature. Let life and the event become your teacher. Breathe deep, exhale, focus, rise, conquer. Be mighty. You are a warrior. Rise, rise, rise. We are legion.

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