Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

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A Voice Spoke to Me in the Darkness

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A voice spoke to me in the darkness and whispered, “you will die. You will die.” I answered back, “that I know. Please show me how to live.” But the answer never came.” Are you open to learning? How about living? Humility is being able to lower yourself to a place where you feel no different than the person next to you despite having incongruity in their natures. Humility lets you find your place in this world where a lack of it throws a veil over the mind. Memory allows you to spend time with your private visitors upon your personal island of thought, in a world of your own creation. What dreams may come. We cannot pick the pain that visits us but surely we can work on how we perceive the pain. Avoiding all forms of pain are impossible, and clearly there is uncertainty in living life. Is existence worth the pain? We must all discover death for ourselves. Life has its pains but perhaps death is worse. Sometimes things should remain mysterious and infinite.

The man who is willing to accept that all things have their place is likely to find his life is enriched by new experiences. He’ll never know until he releases the old. Will he lose what he once held dear to himself? Old combats are back there, there are new combats ahead. There is peace too. These are just my opinions. I only have questions for you, the same questions that I ask of myself. If a drink ends we have the opportunity to taste other things. If a song ends we are better able understand the meaning of the story. If a union ends we are able to experience more deeply how love could have lasted forever. We learn from it. Do you want to live? Enjoy what you have now.

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