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This package will completely revolutionize the way you stow your gear. On the first all aluminum RMPX™ seat back panel the locking rifle rack with keyed or electronic release is adjustable to fit most rifle and shotguns. This is secured to the headrest posts with the machined aluminum RMP™ Headrest Mounting Clamp which will fit any vehicle with headrest posts. A heavy duty cable lock locks the bottom of the RMPX™ to the vehicle for security. The included two rifle magazine pouches and two pistol magazine pouches offer additional tool or ammo storage. A general purpose MOLLE pouch is great for tools and other essential gear. Above this on the headrest, an RMP holds a fully loaded IFAK medical stop the bleed kit.
On the other seat back, the robust RMPX™ holds a hanger which is perfect for a Plate Carrier or other gear. A 48″ Buckle Multi-Purpose RMP Strap™ keeps the Plate Carrier snug against the seat back during transit, and easily releases with a single side release buckle. Above this a headrest organizer RMP™ holds an RMP™ Hook for helmet or bag storage. Both seat back systems include an RMP™ Cover which conceals the contents of the seat back RMPX™.
This is the complete transport/quick access storage to get your gear off of the floor, secured to prevent personnel injury during accidents, and allow quick access when seconds count.
Package Contents:
QTY 2 – 15.25 X 25 RMPX™
QTY 2 – RMP™ Headrest Mounting Clamp
QTY 2 – Spacer 1.75″ [RMP™ Headrest Mounting Clamp]
QTY 2 – Buckle Loop-Around RMP Strap™ Black [Seat Bottom]
QTY 2 – Master Lock® 5/16″ Python Adjustable Locking Cable
QTY 1 – Locking Rifle Mount – SC-6
QTY 1 – RMP™ Buttstock Cup Kit Standard Cup / Black Anodized
QTY 1 – RMP™ Buttstock – 6″ Extension / Black Anodized
QTY 1 – Large Utility Pouch Black
QTY 2 – G-Code® Soft Shell Scorpion Mag Carrier [Rifle] Black
QTY 2 – G-Code® Soft Shell Scorpion Mag Carrier [Pistol] Black
QTY 1 – Tough Hook Kit [Plate Carrier] Black / No RMP™
QTY 1 – Buckle Multi-Purpose RMP Strap™ Black / 48″
QTY 2 – RMP Cover™
QTY 2 – Grey Man Tactical™ Morale Patch
QTY 2 – 8 X 6 RMP™
QTY 2 – Hook & Loop RMP™ Straps [Headrest]
QTY 1 – RMP™ Hook [Helmet + Bag]
QTY 1 – LTC Responder IFAK Trauma Kit Black
Compatible with any vehicle seat that has headrest posts. From compact cars to full size trucks.
For vehicles without headrest posts contact us for alternative mounting options.
Fits most rifles, shotguns, and other long weapons. Please note that for wider/larger buttstocks than a standard rifle/shotgun, you may need the XL Buttstock Cup. Please email us before or after you place your order to have this switched out as needed
WIDTH 15.25″ | 387.35mm
HEIGHT 25″ | 635mm
THICKNESS 0.188″ | 4.77mm
WEIGHT 394.84 ounces | 11193.63911 grams
MATERIAL Injection Molded Glass Filled Nylon for the 8 X 6 RMP™ and Powder Coated Aluminum for the 15.25 X 25 RMPX™
BRAND Grey Man Tactical™
SKU 000418
UPC 850022713842

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