I have spent some good times reviewing this rifle bag I fully tested its intended uses and found a few of my own which all turned out incredibly nice considering how hard I am on gear. Vanquest states its purpose as being “Designed for covert operations and urban settings, the RACKIT-36 Gen-2 covert rifle pack provides discreet and secure transportation of your carbine with a rapid deployment capability”.

To which it performs exceedingly well at, I asked a few people at my local gun shops what they thought was inside of it and got various answers mostly sports equipment though which suggests that it was pretty well concealed and the carbine length AR-15 with optic and a magazine inserted into the magwell and pistol and extra magazines did not print to the naked eye. Which is likely due to the very well thought out and rugged construction of the bag itself you will notice that it looks kind of bulky however, everything from the hook and loop accessible panels and straps really holds it tight to the interior or center of the bag.

The main compartment is approximately 36”H x 2”D x12”W which can accommodate such a wide variety of firearms whether it is a standard carbine or bullpup or shotgun pretty much anything that will fit the dimensions will be secured by the two buckled release straps. On the interior of the RACKIT-36 Rifle Case you will notice the pocket that you slide your muzzle into which helps it to retain the rifle closer to your back when wearing which greatly reduces any printing issues.

The other half of the interior of the main compartment is a massive 27.5”H x 9.5”W hook and loop panel which you can purchase additional inserts from Vanquest that can hold magazines or a suppressor or whatever is mission standard. The padding is very sufficient it is not too bulky but it also is not too thin and provides adequate protection in the event of an accidental drop or the random toss in a trunk or back seat.

Some of the other features I believe you will enjoy is the rather large padded front pocket measuring in at 19”H x 12”W x 2”D that has a loop panel that can accommodate the hooked accessories that is also MOLLE so if you have a different preference of pouches or magazine holders. Vanquest provided me with some of their inserts as you will see in the pictures they have several available shown is the CCW holster insert, CCW plus magazine holster insert, and dual magazine insert which will run you between $9.99-11.99 each so very fairly priced for the quality you get.

One of the big big features is that the bag is fully ambidextrous and very easy to change just unzip the back panel and undo the straps and switch to the other side. You will also notice the Neoprene rubber padded handles that is at the 12,3,6,9 O’clock positions. I believe that is there for you to be able to quickly grab from any angle and quickly deploy your hidden object of choice. They also put on some fast pull loops on all the zippers which are very durable. I pulled them and pulled them and they held up very well. I even hung the RACKIT-36 Rifle Case by loops and it handled the weight just fine although I would not recommend it to be stored like this for long-term.

While I was wearing this RACKIT-36 Rifle Case I noticed it is rather comfortable on long walks due to the padding on the shoulder strap and nylon waist belt. These kept it snug to me and did not allow it to bounce around. Once it was adjusted to me it stayed tight on me. While reviewing I had a thought of another use and that would be if I wanted to go to a range on a motorcycle so I applied that use and it rode very well for me with the carbine and 9 standard capacity magazines and my Glock 19 with 4 magazines.

The weight distribution helps it ride great and I barely noticed it was there. It is meant to be worn close to your back and if you are an average sized person the case is concealed by your body. Now the fabric they make this rifle case out of is durable and they use 1,000D Cordura which really proved itself to me when I dropped it doing 50 MPH with a 15 pound bar in it to simulate the event of it coming off during a ride. The only damage it suffered was a few scratches to buckles and very slight skid on the fabric this is some durable military grade fabric! Also some dirt that came right off with some 409 cleaner and light scubbing.

Overall I have to say this RACKIT-36 Rifle Case was a pleasure to review and far exceeded every one of my expectations in almost every aspect of reviewing and testing. It is moderately priced at $159.99 MSRP but the quality you are getting completely justifies it. So whether you just want to be professional looking at the range or you are a private security contractor or just want to wear a rifle on your back on a motorcycle/ATV this should be one of your first options to look at. I will list off some of the factory specifications and materials for you to see what you are getting!

-Net weight: 3.7 pounds

-Ambidextrous design for left or right shoulder carry

-Adjustable & removable shoulder strap

-Removable 2” wide waist strap, adjustable for height with lumber pad

-Dual retention straps with 11 positions for securing items

-Padded muzzle cup, adjustable for position and retention

-Two FASTabs with hook-and-loop retention for quick opening

-Fully padded main compartments prevents “printing” of contents inside

-Flag/ID patch holder on inside front compartment and exterior

Cost: 4/5

Comfort: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Functionality: 5/5

Weight: 4/5

Overall Rating: 23/25

Material Disclosure

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