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It Is Then the Truest Valor to Dare to Live

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Since the beginning of time, humans have been unremitting in every imaginable pursuit. We fought back against wild beasts and uncontainable nature in pursuit of knowledge. We hurtled across vast expanses of ocean and earth to penetrate deeper into her unknown. Our imaginings helped us move mountains of dirt and forest to build shiny cities on the hills. We followed our heartfelt spirit of adventure to gather experience and in doing so created technologies to push us up from our mud-heaps and carried us in our metal chariots into the sky; we learned to fly and breached black, cold night. The bright stars were our destination. We were relentless…

Have heart. Nothing is exempt from redemption. Whatever troubles you set it aside. Put energy into the things that you can control and everything else, well, pay it NO mind. I’m not here to try and soften what you might be going through. You might have experienced a death in the family, a long illness, a divorce, I’m not certain. I’m just here to tell you keep fighting the good fight. No doubt you’ve done good and bad things but stay strong.

Image is of Matt Victoriano

“It is a brave act of valor to condemn death, but where life is more terrible than death it is then the truest valor to dare to live.”– Sir Thomas Brown

We all have good stories and bad stories. Childhood to adulthood they follow us. Whether in war or peacetime life isn’t lived in brackets. One huge event may sum up a part of who we are but life doesn’t begin or end right there. It’s a gateway to something. Search yourself and find out what. Don’t let your life be invisible. If you’re hurting sometimes sharing with your brotherhood is the way to go. You’ve got something to say, make sure you say it. We all have something to share and some kind of legacy to leave behind. No doubt you’ve done a lot. I don’t care if you’re an accountant or a Marine or both. Everyone has value and we all have something to leave behind. Impart your wisdom and experience on others but make it good. Make it good. Hopefully people will speak well of you while you’re alive and after you’ve gone.


Who are the living and the dead? 

Wrestle with twilight, off to bed

Drink to men who are no longer here

Who are they? It isn’t clear 

A broken mirror and shattered glass

Remembering ages now long passed

Black hulled boats over stretching seas

Heartbreak seeing what used to be 
Who are the living and the dead?

Dispirited men I plainly said

Cry for them, as they cannot be

Absent minded, sad memory 

Blow our horns the message sent

Eternally damned for the honor of men

Towards the darkness on feckless waves

What meaning is found in what death delays? 

The crumbling walls, the plunging knife

The hurried breath, the expunging life

The harried shouts, the toothless dying

Youthful rebellion becomes silent complying 

We drink to men from our lonely bed

Who are the living and the dead!?

O God, O God, O memory!

I screamed aloud, it’s me it’s me!

~by Michael Kurcina 

This video was made by Scout Sniper Matt Victoriano in 2016 using basic equipment and zero dollars. He did an amazing job by having little to work with and he told a story many can relate to. Some of the products used in the video were for product placement to raise money for a veteran’s organization and empower veterans through entrepreneurship. Great job Matt! Music is Breathe Before the Plunge called Black & Blue. All of the actors were Scout Snipers and one was an Army Ranger.

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