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Trapped in the Tiger’s Cage

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“No one gets out alive. Say your goodbyes. Now is the time to live your life.”~Michael Kurcina.

Most men hope for an immortality that will never come. The space between youth and adulthood can be difficult for many young men and every transition thereafter can be tougher and tougher on him. Hopefully he welcomes challenges into his life that make him stronger, and grows his intelligence, compassion and observations. It’s a blessing if he becomes self actualized; challenges will no longer be obstacles or distractions but opportunities and attractions. Every man pursues some thing or things that violate or validates his existence. On his journey to enlightenment he must learn to break contact or give some commitment to them or he will feel trapped not only by other men’s plans and schemes but by life as a whole. Those retarded by arrested development, who gave up on their private sacraments, who stopped honoring their dreams may find sooner or later that hopelessness chokes him to sleep where the nightmare dogs eats his dreams, and destroys his confidence. Outside of chance any man hoping for immortality must really work on building a legacy. If he is not willing to hold onto his old faith and traditions than he must have worthy substitutions greater than his daily praiseless resolutions to dig himself out of his hole. He can free himself if he starts to do the work again. Sometimes the answer becomes as clear as an emblem upon a wall. A man who still has a tiger’s heart yet traps himself inside a tiger cage is a sad and dangerous thing.

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