September 28, 2021

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Throttle Control The Tactical Games Shooter’s Aggregate

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Tactical Marksman Aggregate: Throttle Control shot by @joel_turner_jr from @amu_action_shooting_team @usarmy

tart Position- Rifle Slug freely hanging in front with magazine inserted and 1 round in the chamber on safe. Pistol loaded and holstered with 6 rounds.

Shooter will indicate ready to shoot when both hands are in contact with their eye pro.

Course of Fire- On the beep, the shooter will shoot 1 round rifle into the head box (Elite eye box) of the 20 yard IPSC target.

Shooter will transition to pistol and shoot the 7, 15, and 20 yard targets 2 rounds each in the A zone (Elite top half of A zone).

The shooter will then transition back to the rifle, perform a reload and engage the 7, 15, and 20 yard IPSC targets in the HEAD box with 2 rounds each.

IF cover is provided, transitions and mag changes must be performed behind cover.

Scoring: Time (Plus) Penalties 1.5 seconds per miss 5 second penalty total per target for no hits in the scoring zone.

@thetacticalgames has just released some classifiers that will be used as battles for the upcoming TTG in Barnwell, SC. This one is called “Throttle Control”. Each shot outside the A box is worth 1.5 seconds and complete misses are 5 seconds. It pays to aim and squeeze the trigger without moving the sights outside the available shooting area. I got a 13:70 with no misses. What time can you get?”

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